Aquaclear H.O.B. Filter MOD

This is how I setup my Aquaclear Filters

  1. Robert Schwartz
    Robert Schwartz
    How is this going to help you unless you have a grossly overstock tank or severely underpowered filter? Bacteria can only survive if you have a food source. Adding more media for BB does not magically make it grow. If you need this much BB you likely just need a larger filter or move some fish to another tank.
  2. Aussiebit
    Awesome detail. Definitely trying
  3. apoclines
    Gives me something to think about . That should make it more efficient , will give it a shot
    1. Tanks and Plants
      Author's Response
      Thank you! This is why I like the Aquaclear Filters. You can adjust it to your needs. I personally like more biological filtration and this way gives me the room to fit all the biological media I can fit. I use this method on all my Aquaclear filters and I haven’t had any problems. You will be able to tell when the sponge is gunked up. The water will be trying to go over the area with the impeller. Because the sponge is all gunked up the water has nowhere to go because it is being blocked. Once that happens it’s time to clean it.

      Thanks for your positive review!

  4. Sabrina Shelton
    Sabrina Shelton
    Definitely need to try this mod... This tutorial was super helpful and I hope to do this in some way in the future of my freshwater aquarium.
  5. Mike
    Thanks for taking the time to put this together!
  6. shiv234
    awesome. I am planning to get one but notices that water usually goes over the top of the filter so i decided not but after seeing this i decided otherwise
  7. r15u5
    Great step by step

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