Another use for that water change water

Using your water change water to garden

  1. Fishdad85
    We all do or should do weekly water changes, but have you given a thought as to the best use for your removed water? You could dispose of it or if you are like me put it to some good use. The water from your weekly water changes can be very beneficial (especially when you have to vac the gravel) to your indoor or outdoor plants and vegetable garden if you have one. The water may no longer serve a purpose for the fish but it still contains some bio load ( more so on gravel vac days) that will benefit your non aquatic plants. I've noticed bigger blooms and larger veggie yields in my garden. Not to mention it saves me on my water bill because I'm not watering them as much from the tap. You can also cultivate this water in use it in a hydroponic garden. Many tulip farms inthe Netherlands will use fish waste water to improve their production. So the next time you do a water change put that used fish water to work for you and see if it doesn't help your planted friends

Recent Reviews

  1. Platylover
    This is decent, but it seems more like ka post rather than an article. I'd suggest adding more information as to the science in how it boosts plant growth. Percentages and studies would be great as well. Anything to give this a more informative feel. If those things were included I believe this could be a five star!
  2. M
  3. Skavatar
    All my old tank water goes to my plants.

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