Angelfish Care

How to take care of angelfish

  1. I like fish123
    I like fish123
    Great general guide, but I would have liked it to be more detailed.
  2. ayushmhr
    great article.
  3. Aqua 59
    Aqua 59
    I would have liked it to include their breeding behavior, and that they do best in taller tanks. Overall this article is okay but it could have been longer and more descriptive. I hope this counts as CONSTRUCTIVE criticism. :)
    1. UglyAsian
      Author's Response
      Ok, thanks. I thought saying the tank size min would work. I don't breed and never have bred angelfish, so I don't have much experience with that
  4. Initiate
    It's a very general care guide, the size of the aquarium in my opinion should be taller to accomodate for the angelfish's long body.
    1. UglyAsian
      Author's Response
      I said 55 or 40 was recommended. The size req is usually different between people. I thought 55 was a good size. Any ideas how to make it better? It was only the second article i wrote