A simple way to prevent cross contamination in your tanks

A simple way to prevent cross contamination in your tanks

With summer coming along and winter almost gone, we are all going to face the heat. And with heat it can bring on more infections and viruses, but on the other hand there are some things that don't like he heat. The most common one we know is the dreaded ich, we all had to face this at one time or another.

And for those who like me have MTS, we have to becareful not to spread things around from tank to tank.

There is a simple way to help prevent cross contamination from tank to tank and this is what I do to help prevent that.

I have a container filled with water and a good dose of Weco's Nox-Ich(I use this brand because it's cheap) and a couple of table spoons of aquarium salt. You can also use Seachem Paraguard but this can get expensive.
And it should look like this........


I soak all my nets and tools in the medicated water until I need to use them.

For example, If I need to use a net, I take it out of the water and before I stick it in my tank, I rinse it in my sink to get off any excess medicine and salt and once I am done using it I rinse it again in my sink and then I put it back into the medicated water.

Now if your like me and have MTS, do the same thing as stated above BUT if you need to work on more than 1 tank get a net for each tank. DO NOT stick a net into 1 tank and then use that same net for another tank.
If you know that you are going to work on different tanks you can get the nets ready and just place them over your tank until you need to use them.

At the end of every week I empty out the container and rinse all my nets and stuff under hot water. I refill the container with cold water and put in the Nox-Ich and salt.

I been doing this for over a year and Thankfully I have not had a case of ich or any type of outbreaks in my tanks.

I hope this helps!

Keep Planting and Tanking!

I would like to Thank ALL of you who was given me a positive review on my suggestion “A simple way to prevent cross contamination in your tanks”.

I also want to add that instead of using a couple of TBSP of AQUARIUM SALT or Hawaiian Salt ( DO NOT USE IODIZED TABLE SALT) you can use quite a bit of Aquarium or Hawaiian Salt in your container. The container that I used in the picture is 1 Gallon, you could use about ½ - 3/4 cups of salt. Salt is a good killer of bacteria! Think about when there was no refrigeration and they used salt to keep their meats from going bad.

Now this is what Aquarium or Hawaiian Salt looks like....


Noticed where I put those red marks? Hawaiian salt is naturally made. There should be nothing added to the salt.

Now there is another type of Hawaiian Salt that is very closely related to Hawaiian Salt it is called Alaea Salt DO NOT USE this type of salt!


This is more of a seasoning salt and can kill your fish!
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I mean this truly is simple but it's sooo smart. I'm totally doing this! Thanks!
Thank you so much for this information! It's a great way to start, especially if you have multiple tank syndrome ;)
Awesome! Never thought of doing this before, but it makes so much sense. Just like keeping surgical materials sterile, lol.
  • betta06
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awesome idea! i had ick spread to almost all my bettas but this might solve my problem!
Good stuff!
  • Pythia
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Nice! That's a really good way!
  • Rifat
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great article..usefull
Thanks for the info
great advice. I'm going to to this.
Great idea
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