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    Why do people say you should keep fish from the same continent together?

    Interesting... I didn't give a second thought to this and still don't care. Get whatever makes you happy!
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    Feeling very stressed.

    I would just try to figure out how to simplify your routine. Remove whatever you need that may complicate it to more than doing weekly water change with something like a python water changer and cleaning the glass? Ultimately that is my goal. Simple low tech simple routine.
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    Waste Water Disposal

    I hooked up the water changer to the bathroom faucet in the spare bathroom.
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    New Community Tank without cycling trial

    Well seems this 4 week of cycling is not required for 20 gallon tanks. Can just go off running without problems. This is nice. Not for a while, see how this is long term, but thinking this is the strategy I'll go with the 40 breeder in the future.
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    Bent plants from Petco

    Hello, I have bought some plants from Petco and they are slightly bent, not broken. Was wondering if these plants straighten up or should I just snip the top? I think they are Ludwigia Ovalis.
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    Question: Cleaning glass with plants

    What is the best method to clean glass that have plants right next to them. I got stem plants and Swords on the sides and back of the tank, and wondering what is best way to clean them? Thinking this weekend I'll probably need to do a wipe down and probably but hand, I think using the tool...
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    New Community Tank without cycling trial

    Seems to be improving, the water clarity continues to improve. I decided to move the anubias off the small wood and transplanted them onto the larger driftwood, I trashed the Java Fern/Fern variation, they were ugly. And replaced the area with a Crypto Luti and some Bacopa (dunno which kind)...
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    30 Gallon Tank Molly fish nipping injuries?

    Yeah, I been finding Mollies to be problematic. They seem overly aggressive. I've returned a golden and a dalmation, they wouldn't stop chasing my platties and seemed overly aggressive to the Betta. Removing the Mollies, the Betta is more active and the platties are more serene. I don't know...
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    Betta Photos

    Been resting there for a while.
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    Trouble feeding corys! Other fish eating the food

    Do you crumble the wafer as well at night? Or just drop them at night? My fat pig Platy are eating the wafers even though they are being fed.
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    Gourami not eating?!

    Does he look starved? If not, he must be eating when you're not looking.
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    Gourami not eating?!

    Why garlic? Can only imagine would make the tank stink for ages. Also saw a nice video which said, unless the fish is sick, you can get any fish to eat whatever. Once the fish is hungry and realizes that is the food available, they eat it. Dunno, some guy with 60 tanks said he never had a...
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    New Community Tank without cycling trial

    That's what plants, bio-filtering and water changes are for? My goal is to try and get the plants to flourish more so than the fish right now. Hoping a brighter light will help with that, or rather a light that spans the entire width of the tank.
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    Gourami not eating?!

    You plan on buying more fish for a 10 gallon? Seems 10 gallon bit small for all that fish? Also how is he alive for a month if he's not eating?
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