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    Help Need Help Fixing Betta's Fins!

    I regularly use Stress Zyme as well as Stress Coat. They haven't worked for me. The MelaFix strategy mentioned by @MamaLlama76 seems to have stopped the deterioration of my boys fin, but I have yet to see any new growth.
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    Help Need Help Fixing Betta's Fins!

    Yah I have been saving up my money to get him a 20 gallon that I plan to use live plants in. I know people keep live plants in 5 gallon tanks but for me it's always been tough. I have never successfully kept any plants besides a moss ball so I've been doing a lot of research before I buy...
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    Help Need Help Fixing Betta's Fins!

    Parameters pH 7.4-7.6 Ammonia 0-5 ppm Nitrite 0 ppm Nitrate 5-10ppm Tank It is a 5 gallon tank that has been running about 4 years. My old fish Celeste passed away recently It has filter & heater and consistantly holds temp 77-78. He is by himself there is one moss ball. Feeding Feed him...
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    Tail Growth Issue?

    Yah since they live 3-5 years I guess he is a bit on the older side... definitely not growing back proper tho because they are all jagged and his dorsal is crooked.. but I feel it gives him character! :emoji_laughing:
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    Tail Growth Issue?

    Hello! So I've had Celeste almost 2 years now and he's gone though a rollercoaster with me. His first home, sad to say, was a 1 gal tank with no heater. I then learned that I was a terrible fish mom and bought him a 5 gal tank with adjustable heater, weekly water changes, and testing kit. Back...
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    Is This Rot?

    Mainly just the sand. In pic 2, that corner is his spot. He's even dug himself a little groove
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    Is This Rot?

    I feed him 4-5 pellets a day or so. Sometimes I forget. In all fairness I did take this picture right after feeding though. It's hard to see in the picture but there is actually a lack of scales in that area (on right side) Oh and I noticed it about a week ago?
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    Deal With Nighttime Aggression?

    Your betta choked on a shrimp! wow that's terrible! Thankfully my betta never chases the shrimp. But I didn't even think that was a possibility... He's pretty non aggressive though... sometimes it even takes a while to get him to flare with a mirror.
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    Is This Rot?

    Hey there, so recently I've noticed a pink blotch on the underside of my betta. You can really see it on his right side. Only a bit on the left. ~Parameters~ Temp: 80-82 °F pH: 7.4-7.6 Ammonia: 0-.25 ppm closer to 0 Nitrite: 0 ppm Nitrate: 5.0-10 ppm I do at least 1/3 water change about...
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    Do People Make Fun Of You For Trying To Give Your Betta Optimal Care?

    Once I was told by a Petsmart employee to please not discuss Betta care with other customers... I was just there buying some worms for my Axolotl and some people were buying a bowl and a fish, so the betta mom in me kicked in. Told them how a 5 gallon tank and a heater is needed, so the family decided...
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    Is My Betta Okay?

    Betta's like to sit. If your's is hanging out on the surface I would recommend getting a betta log (). My fish love these and I can always catch them hanging out in it. As for the fins being closed, it shouldn't be an issue. They only really "flair up" when you play with them or if they see...
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    How Much To Feed Betta

    I use Omega One pellets and will usually feed about a pinch (10 or so pellets) once or twice a day. My fish however wont eat from the surface... they like to play with their food. Once it starts to sink they will chase them down, but if it touches the ground... game over they wont eat it and...
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    Betta Photos

    These are my babies. Celeste and Azul They are both a little over a year now! Love them to death :emoji_heart_eyes: Celeste's (teal/aqua) tail is a little nibbly because he's recovering from some tail biting... but its healing so fast! Azul (red/blue) got his name because he was all blue when...
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    Tank Mate Ghost Shrimp

    I've had ghost shrimp in my tanks (I have 2) for almost 2 months now. One fish chased the shrimp around at first but now he ignores them. My other fish would hide from the shrimp, but now he doesn't mind them at all. I got female shrimp because they tend to be bigger. They don't fit in the...

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