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    Do neon tetras need a lid?

    Any fish can jump. You can make cheap simple lids from sheets of clear perspex from a hardware store and just cut it to size using a handsaw. It's a flexible material that won't break like glass and you can even drill holes in it for air-flow or to attach a handle etc...
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    Question about rehoming goldfish

    I'd try posting on a local Facebook (or similar) or Gumtree/Craigslist group in your area. You should be able to find an aquarium group for your city/state. Let people know you want to rehome them, and you can always ask someone to send you a photo/video of their pond or tank before they come...
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    Scared Silver Dollars

    Sounds like you might need some dither fish. These are ''brave'' or bold/active species of fish, that swim around and show the other fish that it's safe to swim around. Also more structure e.g. plants and things like floating plants (although your SD's might eat the plants) could help. If you...
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    Tips for becoming a professional aquascaper

    It's certainly not easy to have that as a full-time job, but it's also not impossible. I think what you'd find is you'll end up being a youtuber or vlogger who focuses on aquascaping. The best thing to do would be to start with a job at a pet/aquarium shop. They might let you scape some of...
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    Cherry shrimp turning clear and dying, probably bacteria?

    I'd be wary of putting in a treatment for bacteria with no real grounds for it. Unnecessary treatments can cause a lot of problems for your tank's inhabitants. How long have you had the tank for? If they were red when you got them, but your tank is different to what they came from i.e. lighter...
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    How do you keep live food cultures alive when you're on holidays?

    Hey again y'all, So we've all seen the posts about keeping your fish tanks alive when you go away. I'm curious what people do with their live food cultures... I know some cultures e.g. BBS are relatively short-lived anyway. For cultures like grindal worms, white worms, black worms, daphnia...
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    Yabbing shed! Holy moly!

    They'll moult constantly their whole life, it's how they can grow with an exoskeleton. It is cool but also freaky. General rule with critters is to leave the moult in the tank, as they'll often eat it to regain lost nutrients.
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    29 Gallon Tank Are these even bronze cories?

    Maybe they are Orange Venezuelan corydoras? Pics are a bit blurry but the markings look similar.
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    I wonder if shrimp eggs are heavy?

    Mine do hang upside down every so often, but also all my shrimp seem to hang upside down relatively often. They are always grazing on the underside of moss strands, wood, leaves, mine even ride floating plants upside down at the surface.
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    Best guppy tankmates?

    Guppies will breed like rabbits if you have even one female in the tank. You can go all males, or if you are doing mixed sex I'd have 2-3 females per male. In terms of tankmates, I'd strongly recommend pygmy corydoras for a tank that size. They're an awesome bottom dweller that will also...
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    20 Gallon Tank CPD Deformity? Can I help him?

    Agreed^. You may get the odd fry survive if you're lucky and it's heavily planted, but these fish will eat their own eggs shortly after their laid, and eat their own fry very easily. Your otos won't but your betta and kuhli loaches will also contribute to the eating. I wouldn't stress about over...
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    This is probably the most common question but are my mollys pregnant?

    The most common question is ''Are my guppies pregnant?" :p:p but this could be a close second. Smee is right. Livebearers like mollies breed like rabbits. They're usually pregnant coming from the shop and will breed regularly for most of their life. Mollies will eat their own fry if given the...
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    20 Gallon Tank CPD Deformity? Can I help him?

    The colour has improved a lot but the body shape is still not good. I think it's a deformity of the spine, not from a parasite, based on how the top of the body and the tail are sitting. The fish may survive but if it's a male it won't be able to compete/hold it's own against the other males...
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    Would releasing "pest snails" outside cause environmental damage?

    There is definitely always a risk, and species like MTS could establish themselves somewhere very quickly. Even if dumped on dry ground they could get washed into a drain or waterway, picked up by a bird etc... If you have to dump the substrate, I'd recommend submerging it in something like...
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    20 Gallon Tank CPD Deformity? Can I help him?

    Agreed with above re: euthanasia.. That fish should never have been sold to you. That's very serious illness or deformity, I don't think it'll ever be a healthy fish again.
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