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    Yeoy replied to the thread What species is this.
    It's definitely a rainbow. To get a proper ID you'll probably need to include your state and the rough area (or if possible the actual...
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    Yeoy replied to the thread Arowana tips? Feeding?.
    Find a good quality pellet that's suitable for the fish and get it onto those as early as you can. Live foods sounds great but they're...
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    Yeoy replied to the thread Do neon tetras need a lid?.
    Any fish can jump. You can make cheap simple lids from sheets of clear perspex from a hardware store and just cut it to size using a...
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    Yeoy replied to the thread Question about rehoming goldfish.
    I'd try posting on a local Facebook (or similar) or Gumtree/Craigslist group in your area. You should be able to find an aquarium group...
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