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    RCS Female Fanning Something?

    can i see a picture
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    Betta Trouble Swimming & Ripped Fins

    ok thx.
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    Betta Trouble Swimming & Ripped Fins

    It has ripped fins and has trouble swimming. What should I do.
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    Wanting A Fish That Helps Clean Tank

    Maybe shrimp or snails
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    What Color Shrimp Will These Babies Be

    you can't really tell untill they have all grown up
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    Question Male Or Female?

    it looks female to me
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    Hitched Hike Snail

    bladder snail
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    Help Dying Guppy

    You should try putting him into another tank or a breeder box and feed him seperately.
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    Help Dying Guppy

    I'm pretty sure that it has a parasite because it has a sunken in belly.
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    Betta Fish Dying

    thank you
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    Betta Fish Dying

    She died like thirty min ago so sad
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    Betta Fish Dying

    It is 20 gallons, i have had it almost two years, yes, 78 degrees, guppies,bettas,neon tetra,glofish,few snails, 2 catfish.every week 20 dont have substrate.yes. Ammonia: 0 Nitrite:0 Nitrate:5 Twice a day As much as they can in five minutes Tetra sera omega one hikari Both A...
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    Betta Fish Dying

    my betta fish is dying. It has like a mouth fungus or something. I tried em erytromycin and general cure. Please help. I dont want her to die. Picture
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    Starting Back Doing Fish For My Daughter. Feel Like A Beginner Again. Help!!!

    how about some guppies or a livebearer. they are very prolific and easy to keep

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