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  1. Help ID these fishes

    Hi Walky, fishdreamer98 & mosaicguppy, whether is glofish, glofish that didn't turn out to be the wanted colours or dyed fishes, i guessed since i've already gotten the fishes, I've gotta take care of them. Just that the next time, i don't end up getting those that are dyed. Thank you for...
  2. Help ID these fishes don't need to do that its just that i took it with a camera phone and these guys ain't those that will keep still for a shot;D
  3. Help ID these fishes

    hi harpua2002, this zebra danios in term of colour is dull pink are very different from the striking pink that glofish has, therefore, it should not be a glofish in my opinion.
  4. Help ID these fishes

    Are there pink zebra danios species?
  5. Help Please advise on the ID of this plant

    hi RogueAgent & Nate McFin, not sure though if its terrestrial plant but can"t find any similar aquatic plant in the net at the moment. Maybe you guys might be right. Let's see if there is anyone out there whom can ID it. hi VeeSe, its definately not plastic, its a liitle taller since the...
  6. Help ID these fishes

    Hi all, pls advise if these fishes are zebra danios and if they are dyed of the colour? Thank you.
  7. Help Please advise on the ID of this plant

    Hi all, as the title suggests. This plant has got green leaves and red veins. Thank you.
  8. Does PH of water determine the type of guppy fries???

    Thanks guysx think it's too high a order to play 'god';D cheers
  9. Does PH of water determine the type of guppy fries???

    Hi to all in FL, as stated above, is it a fact or myth? Can the water PH determine a particular sex of fries I intended to have and how? Thank you all in advance for your replies and glad to be a member of FL

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