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    Hygrophila pinnatifida brown spots

    I just lowered it from 30cm to 10cm becouse wont to my ludwigia super red get more red color and rotala rotundifolia red get more red as well. Do you think that can be reason
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    Hygrophila pinnatifida brown spots

    Hi why my hygrophila pinnatifida have brown spots? What minerals do i need I already use tropica specialized ones a week after water change and seachem exel everyday 0.9ml and seachem iron twice a week 1ml. All my live srock are fine with no issue other plants are ok so what i missig here. I...
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    Community tank all sick with same symptoms, need help ASAP!

    Hi This for me looks like your fish have dropsey.
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    September 2021 Fish/Plant/Invert/Coral of the Month

    Hi this is me ottos
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    September 2021 Aquarium of the Month

    5 gallon wee tank
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    15 Gallon Tank Community Fish/Shrimp tank with algae

    Dont worry about shrimp they will be fine if you prep water with prime and with similar temp. Algae absorbing food from water collumn and every water changes will reduce algae food source. Hardscape clean with toothbrush, leave clean gently with toothbrush also ( dont damage leaves). You shut be...
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    15 Gallon Tank Community Fish/Shrimp tank with algae

    Hi I will remove infected leavs and hear algae by hand at 1st plaice. After this will cut down light for about 6h a day for couple of weeks. After this will lift up light becouse maybe is to close water surface and is to powerfull. After this will change water every other day 50% for two weeks...
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    Clean tank smelly water

    Hi everyone About 7 week ago i set up 180l fish tank fully planted. Water parameters are ph 6.8 amonnia 0 Nitrates 0 Nitrates about 2 to 3. Water change are weekly 40-50%. Every week maintenance glass clean sand clean etc. Stock are 9 amano 5 corys 30 cherry 25 green neon tetras 15 guppys 2...
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    August 2021 Aquarium of the Month

    180l log tank
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    Rotala rotundifolia problem

    Right Roy on saturdays i maintenance tank and i do 50% water changes every week so i will stick to your advice and will replay to you next montch witch results.
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    What is unbalanced or lacking for my plants?

    High phosphate is one from main reason you get green spot algae , second resson can be strong lights. I was experience similar things to much phosphate and not enough iron.
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    What is unbalanced or lacking for my plants?

    Probobly you have too much phosphate in the tank and not enough iron. you havtu test your water mate
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    Plant similar to hornwort ID help?

    This can be cabomba
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    Rotala rotundifolia problem

    Hi Roy I was thinking to change tropica fertilizer to seachem flourish and buy seachem iron What you think about this plan And thank yiu for your advice
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    Cannot get nitrite down what do I do, help!

    Or do you have anyone from your frends what can give to you any cycled filter media. This will help also.
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