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  1. New Videos of the tanks

    Im just glad i got to see the pleco comes out.. i have literally seen him come out on his own like maybe 3-4 times in the months ive had him. I had to duck down and crawl (so he wouldnt see me) to get my camera which was on the floor by my bed... and slowly got back in my chair and he didnt...
  2. New Videos of the tanks

    anytime! thanks
  3. New Videos of the tanks

    nah just the kuhli loaches sometimes...most the fish do use the floating log however..particularly the dwarf gourami... and thank you :]
  4. New Videos of the tanks

    plec shows himself for once Longer vid
  5. I too need assistance in naming my CT betta

    Whoops.. Hey Mods, Delete This MessAGE.
  6. I too need assistance in naming my CT betta

    my two choices.. spawn or poe. VOTES!!
  7. I too need assistance in naming my CT betta

    i'm diggin poe...
  8. Male CT with female betta..

    In a 10 gallon, can I do it?
  9. I too need assistance in naming my CT betta

    what does smaug mean? and how exactly is it pronounced? Smog? or more like how it's spelled?
  10. I too need assistance in naming my CT betta

    I wanted something darkish sounding... here he is..
  11. New CT betta!! (pics)

    thanks.. I love the bright red blue too but more so how it contrasts with the nearly black body.. it's actually a really dark purpley blue ( blurple ) but looks black unless your staring at him up close with sunlight hitting him (I open all my windows soon as I get home from my IT classes)...
  12. Worst Moments In FishKeeping

    ah, i wouldn't feel too bad, I killed many more than just 4 fish before I learned how to properly care for fish. I'm glad that long behind.
  13. New CT betta!! (pics)

    Yeah, I don't normally trust petco. I'm just lucky to have found such a well established one. I hope you have the same luck. I suppose the possibility remains that I havn't been there in a while and they made some changed, perhaps to all the stores since they're corporate and what not... so...
  14. Considering Reef Setup

    I will definitely read that, and those are some beautiful mushroom, as soon as i get some money and time I will definitely be looking into those, probably won't be till a bit after summer though ;X
  15. New CT betta!! (pics)

    thank you.. I wanted to plant the tank, what plant's would be good with a betta? also what substrate should I use.. He's really dark torwards the front, and his tail gets kinda bright, i wan't something to make him stand out. I know the green in the plant's will do a fairly good job at that...

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