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    Good online sites to get new plants?

    I have bought from aquarium co-op. Aquarium plants factory. and dustinsfishtanks and have been happy with all of them.
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    What tank to get?

    Just bought a 20 long from petco I ordered it offline for 26 dolars then picked it up in store I get all my filters and lights off amazon. I already had a filter but am getting a heater and light for under 50 bucks and I have all my tanks open top. But I think you can get a marineland penguin...
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    Glofish bettas

    Was just at petco and noticed that they now have glow betas like they have glow tetras and glow danios. I think this is just too far they looked super sick and recorded.
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    Is this bba or some other type of algae

    Thanks for all of your help hopefully I can get it under control
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    Is this bba or some other type of algae

    How do I get rid of it?
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    Is this bba or some other type of algae

    Can anyone tell me ehat type of algae this is.
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    Ive orderd from buce a lot and have only had one plant come dead and they sent a replacement right away.
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    Show me your spider wood!

    This is from when I first set it up the plants kind of consumed it tho lol
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    So... hair grass

    This is kind of a older post but I have dwarf sag in my tank and it looks good with no co2
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    Recommendation for online plant seller? (USA)

    I order from they have a huge selection of plants and will replace any plant that arrives dead if any arive dead ive had good experience with them.
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    How to sex amano shrimp

    My girlfriend just got some amano shrimp is there any way to sex them.
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    Someone is eating my swords

    My swords always had holes in them and I tried every fert to try and get them to grow then I took one out and it took off. Turns out my yoyo loaches were eating all the new growth.
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    Help! Please I can’t do this again!

    I would try using jungle brand fungus tablets that's what I use for my fish if they have and spots like that and it has always worked. I usually get it at walmart in the fish section. I just recently had a guppy with a spot on its side last week and it fixed it.
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    Using Concrete To Fix A Broken Waterfall

    I could try the silicone I haven't really seen the whole crack because there is water flowing over it and some rocks stuck in thr concrete. The previous owner made it and it wasn't the best design. I'll take a pic later today when I go over there.
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