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  1. Do You Keep Track Of Fish Purchases?

    I’ve been keeping fish for almost 30 years and have traded and sold fish often, most of them cichlids. Over the past few years I’ve started keeping smaller fish and this is the first time I’ve experienced a die-off like this.
  2. Do You Keep Track Of Fish Purchases?

    I was just using “2000 something” to say I don’t know when I bought them, not an actual date. 8 years sounds close though.
  3. 75 Gal Setup Ideas

    I have a 75 gallon semi-aggressive setup. I have a bandit cichlid, a convict, a fire mouth, a severum, and an angel. There’s posturing from time to time but no fights or shredded fins. Small catfish, full bodied tetras, and loaches make good companions.
  4. Do You Keep Track Of Fish Purchases?

    I don’t … maybe I should. Last month I lost 4 glass catfish, not all at once but over a period of a couple of weeks. I’d just purchased 8 black widow tetras and they were all fine. Water perimeters were perfect … what could it be? After going through fish profiles for a possible replacement it...
  5. Thought I Made A Huge Mistake But…

    Introducing a new cichlid into an established community can be scary. I was hopeful because of the low aggression levels of the other cichlids and the size of the tank.
  6. Thought I Made A Huge Mistake But…

    It’s been a while since I’ve posted something here, I guess it’s because things have been so stable with my tanks but I recently made a change. My 65 gallon was looking a little sparse so I bought 8 black widow tetras to go with my 3 glass catfish and move the angelfish to my 75 gallon cichlid tank. The...
  7. I Have Cichlids With Tetras And Barbs

    Amen. Juveniles are just finding out where they fit in; as they mature, those same peaceful fish become terrors.
  8. Sillver Dollar Tank Mates Please

    I like the color of Colombian Blue Tetras. Buenos Aires Tetras should also work. The size of the Silver Dollars was important because they can be very timid when small and get picked on.
  9. Free Stuff Pros & Cons

    The only ones of any value are the BGK and the Clown Loaches. Luckily, none of the fish are troublemakers so I’ll keep them. I have considered selling the knife and loaches but when they’re bigger.
  10. Sillver Dollar Tank Mates Please

    How big are the silver dollars?
  11. I Have Cichlids With Tetras And Barbs

    In an appropriate size tank and thoughtfully planned tank mates, it’s possible; I’ve done the same thing. That being said, did you take into account that as rainbow sharks mature their level of aggression increases? It’s an impressive fish when fully grown and misbehaves even with cichlids.
  12. Biggest Cichlid For 75 Gallon

    There are quite a few large cichlids that would do well in a 75 gallon. Flowerhorn, Texas, Quetzal, Chocolate, and Midas come to mind. Choosing 1 large cichlid and schooling fish narrows your choices greatly. A Severum would be my first choice. Possibly an Angel, Chocolate or Uaru. Any large tetra...
  13. 65 gallon Trials And Tribulations

    You have so many options with a tank that size. 1 angel, perfect for a tall tank, schooling fish are great, even the gourami is a good choice. The shark and pleco will get a lot bigger costing you space for more fish. Corydoras catfish are interesting bottom dwellers and bristle nose pleco are...
  14. Free Stuff Pros & Cons

    Scored a free 29 gallon with fish & stuff! Pros: the owner was relieved they were going to a good home Fish I’ve never kept before More food & equipment Another tank!!!!! Cons: fish weren’t what I wanted Screwed up my stocking plan Keep in mind these fish were in a 29 gallon: Black ghost, 2 clown...
  15. Need Some Help Picking Fish!

    Agreed. I had a shark cause trouble in a 75 gallon tank. They’re beautiful fish but careful planning is a must.

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