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  1. Important Help - Filter Shut Down

    Thank you so much! I'm not sure what it was but I took it all apart and put it back together and it's working now.
  2. Important Help - Filter Shut Down

    Hello all, I am about to embark on a week long vacation. I was checking up on my tanks and the 10 gal HOB has just shut down. I just topped off the tank and it is not running, making noises, anything. Please help!!!
  3. Cory Questions

    So what do I get?
  4. Cory Questions

    I'll try, they're hiding... In the second pic, there's only one fish. DoubleDutch I think I agree. They aren't green enough to be an emerald. I looked up C. Venezuelanus and their common name is apparently "bronze cory". Does that sound right to you?
  5. Cory Questions

    Are you sure? I don't want to accidentally buy the wrong fish...
  6. Cory Questions

    So the list with ten or six cories?
  7. Cory Questions

    FishFor2018 are you sure that they are emerald and not bronze? I got them at PetSmart.
  8. Cory Questions

    Oh. You say that I can't add much more than the tetras and cories. Just to clarify can you give me a stocking list? (Final)
  9. Cory Questions

    Yes. Is that bad?
  10. Cory Questions

    Good suggestions. Note that I also have an albino rainbow shark. I am planning to get more fish in the tanks and I would prefer more tetras in that tank. I do love the cories, but I don't want too many of any one fish species in there. What should I stock? (I'm looking for more single fish, not...
  11. Cory Questions

    Thanks! I do have the kit by the way.
  12. Cory Questions

    I was going to stock more. I didn't/don't know what, though. The gold and black skirt tetras school together. Do you still think I need more? I don't know emerald vs bronze. Can you tell by the pictures? No. One looked like his tail was chopped off, but none of my fish are particularly...
  13. Cory Questions

    I have 3 black skirt tetras, 3 gold skirt tetras, and one albino rainbow shark. My two cories are bronze/green? I'll attach a picture.
  14. Cory Questions

    Hi. I've been keeping a Cory Cat for about a year. For the first half of its time with me, I had him in a ten-gallon tank. He now is in a 45 gal. When I moved him there I purchased three baby cories from LPS. Two died within a day or so, but the third is still alive. I know that cories like to...
  15. Is Fish Pregnant Or Parasites? Help

    Sad to say that she didn't make it. Another fish is now showing signs of the same disease, however, his swimming has been significantly impaired. Can anyone help or mention someone who can?

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