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  1. Blue Gourami Aggression

    I have a 36 available. May move them over there
  2. Blue Gourami Aggression

    I had a 29 long with a pair of angel fish for a while. Last week I added a blue Gourami. I thought it will be picked by the large male angel but it turned out the Gourami is quite aggressive. Now the two angels can only hide at the corner. Is this normal? What should I do?
  3. Protomelas

    Here is one more picture from his old home
  4. Protomelas

    Thanks! But I think Insignus has more yellow from the belly up
  5. Protomelas

    Is this a Steveni Eastern or Insignus?
  6. Identify Fish

    I got this from another guy. I don’t think he bred any
  7. Identify Fish

    Any chance a uncolored male?
  8. Identify Fish Please

    Is this the same?
  9. Identify Fish

    Don’t think that’s a peacock
  10. Identify Fish

    What hap is this guy?
  11. Identify Fish Please

    Got it. Thank you!
  12. Identify Fish Please

    Peacock and Haps...forgot the name of the 2nd one. No idea on the 1st one at all...
  13. Question Please Help Id Fish

    Yes. It’s a relatively new quarantine tank I set up. I had old filter media from my other tank. I think you’re right! I recall the guy mentioned that. Thx
  14. Question Please Help Id Fish

    Bought some Peacocks and Haps from a guy and put these 4 in a QT tank. The one circled in red...what is that? Doesn’t look like a African Cichlid....
  15. How Do I Get Rid Of (sell) My Baby Bristlenose Plecos?

    Try LFS

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