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    Guppy Fry Temperature

    Can guppy fry live and grow without a heater and filter? Can they live at 71 Fahrenheit?
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    Are these guppies a trio?

    I see the blue female and red male have a spine deformity, if you would let them breed the fry will have a hard time going through life and have a big chance of dying
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    Is he ready to breed?

    Yes but I got him when he was a fry.
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    Is he ready to breed?

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    Getting fish online?

    Kijiji definety best prices and good quality
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    Betta bubble nest

    My betta stopped making bubble nest that used to be huge. Is he not happy anymore?
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    How do I keep certain fish from hogging all the food?

    What other fish do you have in your tank? If you have freshwater sharks, Plecos and live bearers you could put a full price of zucchini and they get attracted to it
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    My betta breeding aquarium

    Well I just keep them separated for 3 days and then their with each other and breeding . After the male takes care of the eggs And I remove him too but I don't think so.
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    Fighter fish

    Yes. Yes you can it's completely fine just make sure first he makes a nest for her so place her some where she can see him just not be with him. When he's made a nest let them be together but watch carefully because when it's done the mom it's the baby eggs so take her out and then the dad...
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    My betta breeding aquarium

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    Question How many fish tanks do you have?

    2 Tanks 1 100 gallon 1 1.6 gallon
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    Betta breeding process

    Hi I've become very interested in betta breeding so I would like to know the process. Is it true they fight first then he builds the nest then he squeezes her a few times and finally she lays the eggs and he takes care of them? Please help me I would love to breed Bettas but also in a safe way
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    I'll Draw!

    Actually "she" and I'm not just finishing
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    I'll Draw!

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    I'll Draw!

    This is just something I drew today, I'm working on the rest

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