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    Phases Every Fishkeeper Goes Through

    I myself have never looke much into ponds, what is the price range for a moderately sized pond and what fish can be kept with koi?
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    Experiencing Burnout

    I normally start looking at odd niche fish I really never new existed before. If you need inspiration just lookup mudskippers or puffers, just stuff that is not in the mainstream. Even though I don’t buy any of the specialized fish, just looking at them and realizing how much more there is to...
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    Phases Every Fishkeeper Goes Through

    I agree most the fish I look up I will most likely never own but I always like to know, what if I were to own “X” fish
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    Phases Every Fishkeeper Goes Through

    I made this just to see what the different “phases” other fish keepers have gone through. For example: the Betta phase, community tank phase, planted tank, cichlids, monster fish, etc. These are just some niches of the hobby that at one point I have “researched”. Right now I am going through a...
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    Important Nyererei Fuzz? And Torn Fins

    It looks a lot like a fungus of some sort. I have found it best to prepare a salt bath of 4 teaspoons per gallon. This worked for me at curing 4 hatchetfish using just API aquarium salt
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    Important Neon Tetra Help

    The tank has 0 Ammonia, 0 Nitrite, 2.5 Nitrate, 7.2 pH. Recently a fungus was brought in on a platy which infected a bunch of fish but that was one month ago. Neons are eating and schooling well.
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    Important Neon Tetra Help

    I have a 55 Gallon Corner aquarium and recently I saw that my neon tetras have cloudy eyes but upon closer examination I began to worry that the wider problem is neon tetra disease, can anyone confirm? I have an image here of what I consider to be a healthy neon next to an ill one. Is this the...

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