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  1. 10 gallon stocking

    You just need the surface water to be moving and cories will be fine. They will sometimes go to the surface and get a gulp of air, but mostly it's through their gills. Having plants and other things in the tank will slow the current for the betta, when I had my interal filter it was on one end...
  2. Stocking my 15 gallon aquarium

    Honey gouramis are hard to find. I'm not sure I would have one in a 15 (or 18) gallon tank. They can be stressed out by other fish in the tank so keep it in mind when considering their community. Corydoras would be great with a HG (make sure they're in a big enough group!). Maybe certain tetras...
  3. 10 gallon stocking

    I've been thinking about this too. I have my betta in a 5 gallon but have an empty 10 I want to use instead, so I don't have to do water changes so often. But then with that extra space, I could add some new friends. I haven't decided on anything, because 10 is a bit limiting. I might consider...
  4. Kanaplex and Plecos

    I used Kanaplex with a pleco in the tank and he was okay through it.
  5. Low light plants in sand

    I'll probably have to get a bit more sand, I had to toss everything when I restarted things and didn't have that much sand left over. Hmm.
  6. Low light plants in sand

    I was looking at vallisneria, how deep does the substrate need to be? I think I'll grab an aponogeton as well, thanks for the suggestion.
  7. Low light plants in sand

    Are any better/easier than others? Thanks!
  8. Low light plants in sand

    Hey everyone. I have a low light set up, no CO2 added and currently no ferts. I have some root tabs and a liquid fert but I have my frog in the tank so I'm not using them, and have used Seachem Fluorite gravel before and hated it. I have java fern and anubias currently. I'd like a few more...
  9. Betta community tank

    I definitely recommend corydoras. I had mine with some and he'd follow them around to see what they were doing, and sometimes the corydoras would swim behind him in a line and he'd be all WHAT IS HAPPENING but no problems between them at all. Tetras can be hit or miss I think.
  10. URGENT: ID this disease please!

    Interesting reading this. My last set up, all my fish ended up dying and it sounds like the same thing. I tried everything and nothing worked! I still have no idea what it was and I'm very paranoid about new fish now.
  11. Algae on divider

    I was thinking of hydrogen peroxide but couldn't remember where I had read it and what it was good for. I think it's a T4 tube light, on for about 6 hours. The aquarium is in the only space it'll fit (my suite is tiny) and it across the room from a window, though I keep the blinds shut most of...
  12. Want to try a honey gourami again

    They also seem to be very hard to find! Maybe I will re-attempt the set up I had wanted before. Honey gourami, group of the cories, rubbernose pleco. Hmmm.
  13. Want to try a honey gourami again

    I think I've read there's another type of gourami that's often confused with the honey, could that be the case? Also I think I will be taking the betta out after all. Someone on reddit just offered me wholesale pricing on some habrosus cories (I had left my number with the fish store FOREVER...
  14. Want to try a honey gourami again

    That was my thinking. If I remember right without re-measuring, it's about 31 inches long and something like 11 or 12 deep, 18 high.
  15. Want to try a honey gourami again

    My last honey was a docile thing, so sweet.

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