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    New 55 Gallon Tank.

    Looks good so far. I tend to add tons of drift wood and caves to my tank until something works, but I have loaches. I'd say add a few more small plants and a ton of caves. All of my fishes seem to love them.
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    Can I Add Some Cherry Barbs?

    Hey Lauren, I would say adding some cherry barbs would be acceptable. They aren't big schoolers, at least from what my friend has said, so adding three would be fine. If you were to add hatchetfish, I'd say stick with the same species of fish if you want schooling behavior. In my...
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    Question Assorted Apistos

    Thank you much, bolivian. You have been a great help through all of my questions. Anyone from SoCal know of any good places to get cichlids. I'd rather not leave it up to chance, and the Cockatoo is my dream fish, haha.
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    Small community cichlids

    In a ten gallon, you may be able to add one cichlid, and barely squeeze by. Even the peaceful ones are territorial. Angels and Discus are way too big for a 10. They would work in a bigger tank though.
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    Question Assorted Apistos

    Update: I have decided to order a Bolivian Ram and an assorted Apisto. However, due to live aquaria's minimum order policy, I will also have to order my cardinal tetras now as well. Thus, the order will be: 5 Tetras, one ram, and one apisto. Would it be okay to add all of these at once? The...
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    Question Assorted Apistos

    I was planning on ordering one of these: Has anyone ordered this before? Were you pleased? I'd like to put this guy, whatever he will be in a 30 gallon with a keyhole. Would I be better off just purchasing a Bolivian or German ram? I really like the cockatoos, but they are so expensive...
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    Is it possible to switch a 20 to a 55 Gallon w/o a cycle

    Its tough to say. Make sure you keep an eye on your parameters, but I would say, maximum of a week. Mine went away in about four days, but I did a water change every other day.
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    Is it possible to switch a 20 to a 55 Gallon w/o a cycle

    No, as long as the filter media was in some tank water, then mini cycles will be rare. Algae blooms can be normal, but bacterial blooms normally signify a mini cycle. If your readings are right, I wouldn't worry about the bloom. Bacterial blooms make the water milky.
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    Shark needs at least a 55g IMO.
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    Is it possible to switch a 20 to a 55 Gallon w/o a cycle

    Normal stuff should be fine. Your main issue would be a mini cycle. I'm switching from a 20 to a 30 today.
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    Question Which fish are suitable for temps 80-84????

    A fluctuation would not be. That's what I was trying to say.
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    Help Bubble Attack

    The bacteria converts ammonia to nitrites as a gas. I'm fairly certain. Last chem class I took was two years ago, so I may be a little off.
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    Help cannot get nitrates down

    We recommend to use the liquid tests. Strips normally do not work.
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    Help Bubble Attack

    One water change should do for now.
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    Changing gravel

    Keep some substrate in a small bag as well to help prevent a mini cycle. Water doesn't hold much of the bacteria. Most is in the substrate and filter.

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