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    Help Would This Stress My Betta?

    A few years back I had a betta with some cories. The betta would, of course, eat the Cory food. I used a breeders net to feed the betta and separate the two during feeding. The betta soon learned to go into the breeder net, it was cute. Also a new fish doesn't know your feeding schedule so...
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    Anacharis Plant Dies 1 Day After Buying?

    Hi, I have no experience with that plant. My thought is the plant has gone through a bit of shock. Leave it be and watch out for new growth. You might check with the store policy. If it dies you could return it.
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    Question Dealing With Fin Rot, What Does Fin Rot Healing Look Like?

    Hi, From the picture it looks to me he tore his fin and is starting to get infected. Indian almond leaves are good since they have anti bacterial and anti fungal properties. For a few weeks do 50% water changes daily. Clean water will help with healing. New fin grow will be clear at first.
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    What's This On My Java Fern?

    Thanks for all the replies. The spores are because the plant is failing. I'll keep an eye on it and try dosing that tank 2 times a week for awhile.
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    What's This On My Java Fern?

    Hi, Yes, I was using Aqueon Plant Food fertilizer and a few months back I changed to Aquarium Co-op Easy Green fertilizer. I dose once a week at my PWC along with Seachem Excel.
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    What's This On My Java Fern?

    Occasionally, a leaf will be covered with these hard, seed like objects. They can be rubbed off easily. I have in the past a few times cut the whole leaf off. Once I let it be and I had several little tufts of BBA on the plant and the seed things were gone. Does BBA reproduce like this? Does...
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    Gourami Question

    Hi, Aqadvisor says 75%, although they don't list a thicklipped so I plugged in a dwarf, which is smaller. Anyway, the HG's are presently in a 20 long and I would first rearrange the tank before adding all 3 at the same time. If it doesn't work out I could get a Bolivian ram. Thanks for your...
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    Gourami Question

    Hi, do you think I would be overstocked?
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    Betta Acting Strange

    Hello, it is good you asked. And welcome to fishlore. Since you just got him, my thought is maybe he is still stressed from his move and then being moved again while you cleaned his tank. Bettas only need 3-4 pellets once a day. If he is very young, feed 2 pellets twice daily. You may want...
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    Gourami Question

    Thanks, my older HG chases the younger when he gets in "his" corner. The younger one acts like the bratty kid brother and goes right back to the corner, LOL. They have never hurt each other and they do swim together. I'll try it, good to know it worked for you.
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    Question About Adding Fish

    Hello, Welcome to fishlore. I would suggest thinking about what you like and want in your tank. Research each fish for compatibility, ie. pH, temperature, region of tank (bottom, middle, or top), peaceful or aggressive, suggested tank mates. When you have an idea, check your stocking...
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    Gourami Question

    Would 2 honey gouramis and 1 thick lipped gourami live peacefully in a 29 gallon at 75.8* F with: 10 panda cories 6 amano shrimp 3 nerite snails 2 horned nerite snails Your replies are appreciated, thanks.
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    How To Remove Stamped Price Code From Pvc Pipe.

    Thanks for your reply. I have non-acetate polish remover so tried an alcohol prep pad. It didn't budge. Tried sanding and it worked. Left it a little rough but that side will face the sand. Thanks for everyone's help and quick replies.
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    How To Remove Stamped Price Code From Pvc Pipe.

    Hi, thanks for your thought. I realized I could try to sand it off. If it's safe, I would turn the stamped side to the sand so not to be seen. Thanks, I'll also try that. It feels smooth, like it is apart of the plastic!!! I'll try removing but if unable do you know if it is safe?
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    Should I Get A Baby Betta?

    Hello and welcome to fishlore. I would say...YES do it if that is what you want. A while back I bought a baby 'boy' that turned out to be a baby girl. She was pretty, maroon body and charcoal fins. She happily and peacefully lived with other fish. Sadly, I rehomed her because she started...

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