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    Introducing beneficial bacteria from an established tank

    Hello! So Im planning on setting up a quarantine tank and I want to introduce beneficial bacteria into it from my healthy established tank. I dont have any filter media to put into the quarantine tank, but I have gravel and some driftwood with an anubia on it. Would that be enough beneficial...
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    Reptile tube light for tank?

    My tank did not come with any light, and I'm currently using a plant light bulb to light up the aquarium and nourish the plants. But I have a nice light fixture with a reptile tube light, that I was wondering if I could use? Im not entirely sure what can be used as an aquarium light and what...
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    20 Gallon Tank How much to feed the fish??

    Im getting a pair of honey gouramis. The bigger species wouldn't fit in my 21gal anyway and Im aware of the nature of the dwarf gouramis, although I've heard mixed experiences with those. A male and female honey gourami should leave my other fish alone from what I've read?
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    20 Gallon Tank How much to feed the fish??

    Hello. Im planning on getting some kuhli loaches, gouramis and guppies. How much should I feed them?? I really haven't been able to find an answer to this question. Some say as much as they can eat in 30 seconds, some say a pinch (how much is that anyway?), I've seen people fast their fish for...
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    Lowering ph naturally?

    So Im setting up my 21gal (80L) for two gouramis, some guppies and kuhli loaches. Everything is going good, I've acquired a good amount of plants, the tank is cycled, the only problem I'm having is my ph of 8. I want to get it down to 7.5 at least. My plan is it do just that with driftwood...
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    Does this sound goog for 21gal?

    Im finally getting around to properly planting and stocking my 21gal tank. The idea is a densely planted, slow water tank with relatively low light. Im planning to put in two honey gouramis (male and female) as a sort of centerpiece, five guppies and like 2-3 kuhli loaches. I also already have a...
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