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    Snails For A Betta Tank

    I have and would recommend a Nerite snail. The zebras art beautiful. In a 7.5 gallon I wouldn't get more than 2. Nerite snails are great cleaners and will not reproduce since their eggs only hatch in salt water. They will lay them though. They will look like a white sesame seed on decor...
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    Dwarf Mbuna 40 Gallon?

    Mbuna are very territorial. You need a tank at least 48" long. In a tank only 30" long, things will go well in the beginning but when they reach maturity they will pick each other off. Dwarf cichlids like some Rams can do well in a 40 gallon.
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    Filter Too Strong For Substrate?

    Did you rinse the sand first? If not you may have to start over.
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    Funny What's Your Unmet Need In The Hobby?

    Can anybody out there talk my wife into a 125????
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    Dual Fx6 Suctions & Discharges?

    It’s an interesting idea. Let us know how it goes.
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    Converting 50% Of My 29g From Gravel To Sand

    I did a 100% change to PFS and had no problems. Just make sure you rinse the sand in a bucket until the water runs clear. I used HTH PFS but Quikrete's probably fine.
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    Hello Name’s Catlin

    Welcome to FishLore Catlin!!!
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    High Nitrates

    I wouldn't worry about nitrates at this point. Your ammonia level is .5 and that's going to kill your fish. I'd be changing 80% of the water daily until you've got that under control. Nitrates will fall in line as well.
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    Hi... ‘new’ To Forum

    Hey, Welcome to FishLore!!!
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    20 Gallon Tank Aquarium Backgrounds

    I painted the outside of the back wall flat black with a latex acrylic. It was done about four yrs ago and it's never peeled.
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    Question What Can I Put In My Tank To Help With Algae?

    Yes, but in a tank that small only put in one nerite.
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    What Do You Do For A Living?

    Repair production mailing equipment.
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    Led Lights

    Check out led lights by Aquaneat. Very inexpensive and they work great. Had mine for three years now.
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    Is My Nerite Dying?

    If I see mine like that, I flip them over. But I’m sure they can flip themselves as well because we’re not always there to help them. I’ve seen them laying eggs on the go, so I don’t think that’s what happening when there upside down. He either fell on his own or a curious fish knocked him...
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    Angels Bickering

    My Platinum Angels are always side by side, but seem to snip at each other after the weekly water change. They’ll do this for maybe 20 to 30 minutes then all is well again? They don’t do any damage so I’m not too concerned. Just wondering if any one else has seen this.

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