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  1. Update on questionably pregnant swordtail

    To me she looks pregnant. Have you tried holding up a light behind her to see her belly?
  2. Update on questionably pregnant swordtail

    No, the body absorbing the babies is not a fast process and will usually take a couple of days. You will see the dark spot get lighter and lighter, until its pink and eventually disappears. You'd be surprised at how fast they can feast on their fry. Since they come from a mixed gender tank...
  3. Update on questionably pregnant swordtail

    Hello newfishmama, It is quite easy to distinguish the difference from being pregnant or bloated in livebearers. For instance, you say she was active. A bloated fish will be lethargic (at least in my experience) and will not really want to move or interact with other tank mates. As far as...
  4. Good Evening

    Thanks Ken! The forum has changed so much, I don't really know how to use it Thank you!
  5. Good Evening

    Thanks everyone for the warm welcome! Whoops! I meant khuli loaches Also, I would like to attempt some fun deco for the corys to play around in (I was thinking of 3) do any of you have any suggestions or ideas? Does my stock sound alright?
  6. Good Evening

    Hello everyone! My name is Tony, and I recently recovered from MTS. Just kidding I used to be a regular here on Fishlore, but I've been absent for quite some time. I've been thinking about getting back into the hobby for some time, but I just can't make up my mind, which is why I am...
  7. Long Time, No see!

    Thank you scuggs!
  8. Long Time, No see!

    Hola everyone! First off, Sorry about the long boring post! I'm just really excited! Its been about.. 1 year? I had to take a step back from the hobby a while back, I just didn't have the funds to keep all my tanks going, so one by one I had to take them down until I had no tanks running. It...
  9. Question Is he Common?

    Hello char! He looks like a common pleco to me.. a baby, but still a common. Are there any chances you could get a clearer picture of him?
  10. cow goby accident

    whoops! i mispelled it there ;D is there any way you can take a picture or video of it?
  11. cow goby accident

    I think its called a Banded Sleeper goby? but i am not sure.. i think its called Electrus picta if that helps.. EDIT: That one could be it too.. It'd really help if you posted a pic, that way ID would be easier so we can research its needs.. However i do agree with Lucy, that returning it...
  12. Hello Everyone!!

    Welcome to Fishlore!!
  13. Spam Emails

    thanks FishResearcher and Lucy, i'll give it a try
  14. Spam Emails

    Hello fishlore! :helpsmilie: Somehow my email has picked up some sort of virus or something and its sending spam to all my contacts! I dont know how to get rid of it though! I cant close it because i use that email for everything (facebook, twitter, youtube, msn, fishlore, and other...
  15. Favourite movie??

    well I really like historical movies with a fiction twist (kinda like pearl harbor and they added the love story) or just a movie with a good plot Fiddler on the roof I haven't watched, but I used one of the songs from the musical for an audition years ago if I were a rich man LOL...

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