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    Rainbow Lorikeets

    These are an Australian breed arent they? Have thousands around my place in the Summer when everything is flowering. Lovely guys to have around
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    Troll perhaps? Are you just looking for a reaction from everybody?
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    Which type of fish schools the tightest?

    Was about to say i recon a school of sardines in the presence of a hungry shark or 2 would school very tight...
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    I Did Something Real Bad... I Think

    I get a bit of stuff that gets put into my tank after cleaning my canister though its neglectible and has never harmed any of myc fish. Like has been stated above, i would say it has been caused from killing the bacteria. Hope its all sorted soon.
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    Question Do i have to many Fish?

    Hope your getting good help mate. Asked where you were located becasue i know lots of fish people and shop owners around my area (NSW) who might be able to help you out with selling fish etc. Your a smart person to seek this help, lots of people dont and find out the hard/expensive way about...
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    90L (23 Gallons) stocking questions....

    I like the sounds of that stocking, and i like the idea of live plants, always have some in my tanks.
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    Question Do i have to many Fish?

    Sadly, yes, you are hugely overstocked. A tank your size is barely suitable for a pair of oscars alone. You will certainly have to have a big think about what you like the most and advertise to sell or try and return the shop you got them from. You can keep the BNs with most things and maybe a...
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    MTS livingroom?

    I live in a share house and can't have many tanks in the common areas so i have 4 tanks in my room as well as 2 bowls/vases for extra shrimp and moss growing areas. MTS is taking over for sure, currently looking at how i can house a pair of JD's in a 65gal i have sitting in the garage..
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    75 Gallon Tank Decorative But Unique Suggestions

    Also 48*18*18 isnt 75 gals. Its actully 67 us gals according to the calculator on the bottom of this page.
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    Bottom of the tank & the water is fine...

    Its vey common especially with breeders to "cull" of fry when they are under developed when born as well as for high end breeders, fry that wont do well for them. If it looks bad and it wont survive its probably the best thing. There is a euthenisure thread around somewhere, sorry i cant...
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    Poor misunderstood Bettas :(

    Use the newspaper and find all the weddings for this weekend and see if you can track them down and if you see if you can save them or at least see if they will return them to the shop. I know 40 bettas is a lot but even if you can get them for free or cheap as after the wedding, them maybe...
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    Bamboo shrimp nocturnal?

    I have around 50 RCS. Some days there out and about all over the place eating and looking around, then the next its hard to find 10 of the little guys. Shrimp are great hiders, i wouldnt worry too much about them.
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    Help cycling a 10 gal

    There are a few ways. Some add pure ammonia from a bottle, not sure on proper amounts per gallon but thats one way. Some add a few flakes of fish food each day so they rot and cause ammonia. Some put a dead fish or a cocktail shrimp in the tank to produce the ammonia therefore feeding the...
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    Help Ghost shrimp tank mate.

    I have a tonne of neons, mollies, guppies and all their fry in with y cherrys which are about nthe same size and habits as ghosts. I have not lost any at all, even the smallest newly hatched cherrys are ignored or maybe inspected but left alone by all the fish. I lost 1 cherry ever when my...
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    I need help regarding my different fish in my Aquarium

    Hey mate. It hasent been said yet but your ehavily overstocked already by the looks of things assuming your tank is just as wide as the pic is. Gold fish require lots more room than what they are already in, some say 20 gal for the first on with 10 gals for each additional one as they are such...

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