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  1. Breeding A New Female Betta Breeder?

    Thank you.
  2. Breeding A New Female Betta Breeder?

    TANKS: 2.5 & 5 Gallon(Both Cycled, Live plants, Heated and Filtered) TEMP: {78 To 79} FOODS: Frozen Brine Shrimp & BloodWorms(No Pellets) Hello. I am interested in breeding betta's. I have 1 raised 'CT' female from fry stage. She is 4 1/2 months old(Never been bred) she's fairly slender bodied...
  3. 2 Day Old Platy Fry Help

    That might be my issue slightly, I sort of paniced, thought I was prepared, yet I wasn't, I just spoke to My uncle about this and he told me that I needed to let them alone for a few day's. It is cycled water though from another tank, but hey I'm learning from experience. The female was pregnant...
  4. 2 Day Old Platy Fry Help

    Yes it is heated, cycled, filtered and that's what I figured too, that she had them slightly earlier, luckily though, they are alive. I bought her and she was already pregnant, Have no idea who the dad is haha. For me I actually have a hard time making them reproduce, same goes for My mollies too.
  5. 2 Day Old Platy Fry Help

    (1 Day Old, not 2) The other day my platy gave birth, at the start they were not active and I was told that given a day they should be moving around. Well, today they are still lethargic and I don't see them eating, I acclimated into a cycled 10 gallon tank so that they would be out of the small...
  6. Help With Newborn Platy Fry

    Thank you, should I feed them today or wait a day or so?
  7. Help With Newborn Platy Fry

    A few hour's ago my platy gave birth to 6 fry, they were originally in a 10 gallon tank, but I moved them into a pet carrier that sits inside the tank do to worrying about their behavior. They sat at the bottom, coming up for air, but would go back down to the bottom of the tank getting...
  8. New Setup Issue

    Thank you! Glad to have a quick reply too, I just didn't want to risk anything
  9. New Setup Issue

    I just bought a 5 Gallon tank 2 day's ago with all new equipment and decoration. Though, I cleaned everything well, I have noticed a white like powder on the inside of the tank's glass. I am using white gravel and think that may be the cause, but I am unsure as I've never had this issue with...

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