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  1. Peaceful Cichlids

    Orange head tapajos are a cool eartheater that stay quite small
  2. Tyguy's 20 gallon Long Guppy Tank

    Honeys are some of my favorite fish. Such great colour and Such a nice break from the aggressive gourami mould
  3. Dot's 260g build...

    Its ridiculous how excited i am for your tank to come together! Im hoping to start on my 6ft 140gallon this summer (in Aus) so this is providing some serious motivation!
  4. My 600 gallon reef

    Stunning tank mate. Absolutely incredible
  5. Small plant for Betta Tank

    I second anubias. Plenty of variants as well if you wanted some variation
  6. How Many Fish Do You Have?

    Im at 39 across 3 tanks. Gotta love some flashy schoolimg fish!
  7. 40B Freshwater Tank Community Ideas

    In my 30 gallon i have 6 cories, 10 neon tetras, 6 black skirt tetras, 1 bolivian ram, 1 honey gourami and 1 bn pleco. You could do something similar and bump the schools right up/ swap out for similar sized different tetra schools of dwarf cichlid Just food for thought
  8. 130g Stocking Help

    Bump. Some help with stocking numbers andd more ideas would be greatly appreciated!
  9. Help! apistogramma cactuiodes

    Oh the coincidence. Dad enlisted my help to upgrade his tank today. Decided on a really nice 220l bowfront setup. Lucky sod. Does mean however I'll be getting my old 20 gallon back. How convenient haha now to just convice my lovely lady to let me set it up again!
  10. Help! apistogramma cactuiodes

    I do have ember tetras in there which i know if i was breeding would act as dithers but as you mentioned el337 a 20 gallon is ideal. I belive the 10 gallon is definitely going to be ok for a while and i will definitely monitor closely his behaviour so if he does start getting stressed ill look at...
  11. Help! apistogramma cactuiodes

    Will definitely keep that in mind el337 . Might have to convince the partner to let me upgrade. Again Will grab a photo (if hes not being shy) to give you guys a peek
  12. Help! apistogramma cactuiodes

    I dont really mind about losing the shrimp to be honest hes already colored up heaps and even though hes timid i really like the little guy. I might keep him in his current tank for a while and see how it progresses and take it bit by bit from there. I did se that breeders kept pairs in 10 gallon so...
  13. Tyguy's 20 gallon Long Guppy Tank

    Looking good mate
  14. Help! apistogramma cactuiodes

    I had a feeling that was the case :/ thankdully hes still young at the moment and not too large but i obviously dont want to stunt him or anything. What would be my chances with the 29 realistically? Its decently planted wirh several caves as well as a large piece of driftwood and plenty of...
  15. 130g Stocking Help

    Personally not a huge fan of the clown loach. Just dont like their body shape. I can definitely understand the appeal though

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