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    Going to my first ever fish expo!

    That is at an expo on the 30th, so I'll let you know!
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    Going to my first ever fish expo!

    So I took a couple pictures, but unfortunately forgot to get one of the coral room, which was super cool. I got a free shirt and cooler bag! They were also selling Chick-fil-a. Bought this Anubias nana pinto. Huge hollow driftwood that sadly didn’t sell. Would have definitely bought it if I...
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    10 Gallon Tank I am a newbie with a betta

    Hi, what sort of cover do you have in the tank? Having lots of plants and some structures to hide in/behind tends to boost their confidence. It seems counterintuitive, but the more areas the fish has to dart back into, the more you will see a shy fish out and around.
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    First one to guess gets…

    In case anyone wanted to see the final art!
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    Got a cool plant - Anubias nana pinto

    I never thought I would want an Anubias nana pinto, but it looked so pretty in person! I’ve had it almost two weeks now and it already grew a new leaf.
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    What is the best beginner betta breed?

    Still varies! I’ve seen some individual chain stores be better than the LFS in the area.
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    How to take care of Rosetail betta

    One thing that you could try is densely planting with plants that have broad leaves, such as amazon sword, rosette sword, and anubias. Having some that are almost up to the surface would be great. Since he is already using the environment to relax, this will give him some additional spots to...
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    What's On Your Shelf? - Recommended Reading For Fish Keepers

    I have: - some Aquarium Hobbyist magazines -Encyclopedia of Aquarium Plants -The Betta Handbook -Encyclopedia of Aquarium and Pond Fish -Field Guide to Crayfishes of the Midwest -The Crayfishes of Kentucky Freshwater Crayfish: A Global Overview is good for a more scientific look. I still need...
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    What is the best beginner betta breed?

    If you are choosing between the two you mentioned, I would do the delta for the reasons already mentioned. Overall though, I would recommend a plakat. They tend to be more active and less likely to have fin issues.
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    How has shipping been in terms of delays?

    Betta rubra shipped out on Tuesday and got them on Thursday with 2-3 priority USPS. Went from the west coast to the east coast.
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    Betta albimarginata Sebuku Collected (Now there are eggs!)

    It’s been a bit! Sold some pairs and females and have some more fry growing out. I ended up keeping the bossy female for breeding since she has attractive white edging on her fins. I’ll be at the Carolina expo in late October with these guys and plants. In other news, I’ve acquired a pair of...
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    What are your grumpiest looking fish?

    That look you give your mom when she turns the tank light on at 10pm for pictures.
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    What is a good brand of bag for fish?

    I’m due to purchase more 2” and 4” fish bags and wanted to get something that is super clear. What do you all recommend?
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    10 Gallon Tank Fun stocking for 10g?

    Then you can do three females with a male!
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    10 Gallon Tank Fun stocking for 10g?

    I would do three to try and even any territorial disputes. Most of the ones sold are male, although females with males would be ideal.
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