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    Betta Care

    thx for all the tips guys
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    Betta Care

    So the other day i was at petsmart and i saw all those bettas sitting in the little bowls and it made me want to get one. So i just had a few questions on how to care for them and everything else. - what size tank should i get for one. -do bettas need heaters - what is a very good food to...
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    lighting question

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    lighting question

    o i ment to say java moss, sorry. i have 15 watts on my 20 gallon high tank and i do not have any ferts
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    lighting question

    the plants i have right now are java fern and some hornwort.
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    lighting question

    This may sound crazy but i was wondering since i dont have a high wattage for my 20 gallon tank. I thought, if i could buy a desk lamp and put a light for a fish tank in it (one that you can buy from a pet shop) and use that as some extra wattage for my fish tank. would my plants grow better and...
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    Discus Collection (56k Warning)

    Those Fish Are Amazing Keep Up The Good Work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    20 Gallon Tank My first tank, almost finished!

    The tank looks really cool. keep up the good work
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    20 gallon Plants

    I really like your tank. im just starting to learn all the tricks to aquascaping and so are u . good luck on all your plants.
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    My Oldest Fish Friend - My BNP

    That is such a cool pleco. i have that same cave, it looks really good in both of our tanks
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    29 Gallon GREEN tank. lol

    That looks really cool. im working on aquascaping my 20 gallon tank and i hope it will look as good as yours. do you use any fertalizer or c02 system.
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    Java Moss

    Thx for the help i really want to get one.
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    Java Moss

    I wanted to get some java moss for my 20 gallon tank but i was unsure on a couple of things and had a few questions about the plant. - What are the light requirments and how many watts per gallon would be ideal for this plant. - Do i need to add any fertalizers to the water or do i need to...
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    Dwarf puffer. I never regret buying this cute fish

    CHumzhujun. i was looking at your aquarium info and i noticed your 7 gallon tank is SOOOOOOOO overstocked. The rule is one inch of fish per gallon of water. The maximum you could have in there would be 7 neon tetras. that tank is way overstocked.
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    Swordtail and platy

    k thx for all the info. ill see what i can do with everything in my tank

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