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    5 Gallon Tank New Hexagon tank for Betta fish-cycling

    Well i've had me another 5 gallon tank and started it up on the 1st of may, everything was washed, new betta heater for safety and a silk plant so no rubbing can occur and also a suck on false leaf as i know they like to lie on them and got the heater set at 27c / 79.4F and also added a dimmer...
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    Molly or a platy for 10 gallon tank

    Yes he's maturing to adult hood and that's why everything is showing now. Amazonian Aquarium Fish: Julii Coydoras
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    Molly or a platy for 10 gallon tank

    Well sometimes they can get knocked about or it's maturing as i used to albino algae eaters and you always knew when they met their maturity they had 2 little horns mature on their head.
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    Molly or a platy for 10 gallon tank

    You can never forget catfish
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    What are you doing to your tank today?

    I've stopped having notifications all together
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    Weird dry spots on the back of my tank

    Hi Dondada i'm not totally sure what it is as i've never had this before but this could be your problem. The residue left behind is likely a lime (calcium carbonate plus additional ions) build-up on the glass called "limescale." As any mineral-rich water (hard water) evaporates, the gaseous...
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    What are you doing to your tank today?

    I've done nothing...ahhhhh a nice rest for a change LOVELY
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    What are you doing to your tank today?

    Hi john was a great set up it lovely great
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    What style does everybody use for FL?

    I would use the dark background having colour blindness suits your better but the white writing is white enough to see
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    What are you doing to your tank today?

    Did it all friday on my main tank 3hrs i went outside and took half hour break having a cuppa, top filter was sorted, then the submerged cage filters, then the glass was cleaned and 2 ornaments but left the others so there's always good algae, then vacuumed and everything moved and finally...
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    Wondering what everyone looks like?

    Me with my bruno when he was alive.
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    Another addition 2 Albino corys

    Well my hubby went out a week ago and popped to a pet shop with out my knowing and brought me back 2 Albino corys and they're so adorable. Sorry it's on a 3 minute video haven't took shots of them yet.
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    Leopard gecko tank?

    I'm sure it was a 10 gallon but i know it was the largest size in the aquatics when i brought it and it wasn't cheap as we both know it's an expensive game for such lovely cute reptiles.
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    5 Gallon Tank Hygger Submersible Digital Aquarium Heater

    Yes they do have larger and what i could see on amazon there was 3 different ones but that came in the most popular and i thought give it a go. I can't see it in my hexagon tank as i've brought a nice silk plant so it won't hurt the betta once the tanks cycled but you can see if reflect from...
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    60 Gallon Tank My filtration system on my Boyu 60 gallon tank

    Well i only viewed just 2 video's on how to do a filtration system on my Boyu tank, so i rigged it up myself and it works great for me. Bio rings, netted zeolite and carbon media in one compartment, 2nd compartment the same but with 18mm bio balls running on either side, on top of them cotton...
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