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    Berried Amano

    I have an RO unit now, so next try I can use it. Thanks.
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    Berried Amano

    I did not use RO water, but assumed prime would take care of it. Seems odd they would lived 14 days or so if it was an RO issue? Yes, it was half filled, so 5 gal or so of water. Could have been bad food choice, too much perhaps leading to bad water quality.
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    Berried Amano

    They all died off a few days later. I'm thinking it was water quality as it wasn't a cycled tank. I read someone else suggest full water change every 7 days. I saw a video where somebody was using a two liter water container, top cut off soda bottle perhaps, but put down in the tank water to...
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    At A Loss With My Betta

    Nitrate above zero is normal and good, means tank is cycled. You just don't want it over 30-40. I wonder if there is something else in the water. Or, he's got an infection that general cure won't fix.
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    New Co2 System For The 125 Gallon.

    I just switched to this setup, but my 80gph head isn't enough to dissolve the CO2.. so I just ordered a 160gph.
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    Weight Of A Tank

    Maybe keep it next to a load bearing wall if you do it.
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    Filter Set Up S.o.s

    Anything out of water will die pretty quicker. Your bio rings and foam should have a bunch of bacteria. Just watch water parameters for the next 3-4 days.
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    What’s Going On?! :(

    melafix and primafix are both pretty weak treatment options. I've read that 'actual' fungus infection are very rare and it's almost always bacterial in nature. However, Kanaplex does treat both and is broad spectrum treatment. Fuzzy white growth could be calumnaris, which kanaplex would...
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    Cycle Problems

    What's the temp? Dropping it a bit can make the water less toxic. Are you careful to not let untreated water touch the filter? What about pH?
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    How To Control And Change Water Specs???

    I think it gets expensive to target and maintain a specific pH. A consistent way is to use reverse osmosis water, then add seachem Alkaline buffer, acid buffer and maybe seachem equilibrium to add back some good minerals. I think this is how many discus keepers maintain their tanks.
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    Save $ With Your Api Test Kit

    Probably more accurate than current tube line anyway.
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    Need Help With Cycling New Tank

    You just run both filters. I didn't catch the 2nd style, you just want to make sure there isn't too much water flow blowing your betta around. Yes, regular water changes, just like normal.
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    Tank Cycling

    Zero nitrates seems odd.. (very) it may be worth getting your own API kit anyway even if you are cycled. Is the water clear? Do you have any plants?
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    Need Help With Cycling New Tank

    I was trying to help explain why it's important to monitor, especially ammonia and do water changes. And why the fish store guy wasn't giving good advice. If you think it's too much info and confusing, I can delete it.
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    Need Help With Cycling New Tank

    A little more info, higher pH and temp make ammonia more toxic. Some fish give off more waste, I.e. more ammonia. Lots of variables. Ammonia of 2ppm in 72° with pH of 6.8 would be fine, 2ppm at 79° and pH of 8.0 would likely kill any fish.

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