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    Aquarium dwarf lily

    mostly just to have a healthy plant. I would like to have maybe 1 other to put in my 55 gallon in time.
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    Aquarium dwarf lily

    Hey all. I have an aquarium dwarf lily and I just wanna know if I cut the plant off of the bulb will it continue to live? When doing my research I got very conflicting information.
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    Crypt turning brown

    Just a little update. It took a little longer than expected but those root tabs really perked up this plant!!!
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    Crypt turning brown

    interesting I am glad to hear that it is actually a good thing, rather than a shortcoming by me. this is my first devoted planted tank so I wasn't sure. Thank you all for your help!!!
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    Crypt turning brown

    Yes is the original post I use aquarium co op easy green and root tabs The tank is about 2 months old. The crypt was at the pet shop I work for and was about to die. Since I brought it home it was growing green leaves but all of a sudden the leaves started to grow own brownish. Attached picture...
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    Crypt turning brown

    This crypt. Is turning brownish on me and I don’t get why. I have aquarium co op root tabs in there and I dose easy green. What could be the cause of this?
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    Aquarium dwarf lily

    Quick question. Some of the leaves of my aquarium dwarf lily has holes in it. I don’t think it’s a nutrient deficiency. I use 1 pump aquarium co op easy green once a week. Should I trim the leaves with holes in it or leave it? If you think it is a nutrient deficiency what would it be? I also...
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    Bladder snails in shrimp tank

    I feed my shrimp 1/4 of a cobalt shrimp & veggie pellet every other day so not much leftover between the shrimp and neons. However, the tank is heavily planted and I leave algae on the back and side walls for the baby shrimp. I was reading about this, I'm not sure if my colony is big enough to...
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    Bladder snails in shrimp tank

    hey all, I recently bought java moss and I come to find bladder snails in my tank now. I kinda like the look of a few but I don't want an infestation. Will I end up with hundreds no matter what or will the shrimp keep them in check. I would rather get rid of the few I have now if it will end in...
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    29 Gallon Tank What would fit my tank better?

    I think that the angelfish will be the most enjoyable, they are very peaceful to watch. They would also fit your tank nicely.
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    Pregnant Swordtail? Yes or No

    I also vote yes.
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    Crypts trimming?

    Hey all, I have a Crypt. Wendtii has a few holes in the edges of some leaves. Other than these two spots it is growing beautifully. Should I trim the leaves with edge holes? If so why? it doesn't make the plant look bad, but I'm wondering if the melt is "contagious" or will harm the health of...
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    Carbon vs. sponges

    Hey all. I have been reading a lot about modifying HOB filters from using carbon to using sponges, I was wondering why? I get that there is more filtering space happening. But I’m confused why would you not want the chemical filtration of the carbon. Can you really get clear water with only...
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    Dr. Tim’s waste away for shrimp?

    Hey all. I been using Dr. Tim’s waste away in my Cichlid tank and I absolutely love the stuff I can see the difference. I was wondering if anyone knows if it’s safe for a shrimp tank as I just started one. I attached a picture of the bottle just so you can see the information
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    20 Gallon Tank Nano fish for invert tank

    Let us know what you decide to go with
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