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    Best mid-top level fish to breed (Tetras, Rainbowfish)

    What you feed the little guys i'm curious. Only 1 survived for me i did not have green water or infusoria available.
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    Breeding Ember Tetra

    Yes they are egg scatterers. I just set this up 1 day ago. They are still acclimating to their new environment, i'll wait a couple of cays add hope for the best.
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    Best mid-top level fish to breed (Tetras, Rainbowfish)

    Can i ask you about your setup? i currently have a pair of pencilfish showing signs of breeding(rubbing next to each other )
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    Breeding Ember Tetra

    Hello all, I just moved my ember tetra in a standalone tank in the hope of breeding them. From what i gathered to be successful ember tetra needs warm water 27C or 80F approx, soft acidic water Ph around 6.7 and some plants. I also read that to be successful its better to have a mesh box with a...
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    Best mid-top level fish to breed (Tetras, Rainbowfish)

    Hello, I have had a pretty good experience with rainbowfish though accidentally breeding them. I had java moss in my main tank and around 3 pairs of dwarf rainbowfish. Long story short i had transferred some java moss to my shrimp tank where around 3 days later i noticed the tiniest of fry...
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    Aquarium Base substrate (Coco Peat, Charcoal, Lava rocks)

    I have added the Tetra active substrate to the setup, added the plants, added co2 and currently misting twice per day. So far so good. I'm waiting for the roots to grow before adding water, i'm hoping that around 1 week i can completely submerge it.
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    Aquarium Base substrate (Coco Peat, Charcoal, Lava rocks)

    I added charcoal due to its benefits in outdoor gardening . I think it may be useful in the aquarium world as well . It will (hopefully) provide carbon to the roots and some beneficial nutrients (im a total amateur regarding the chemical composition). I initially plan to have plants in it in...
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    Aquarium Base substrate (Coco Peat, Charcoal, Lava rocks)

    1st time with coal in the aquarium hope it works well. Its coco peat, i dunno about hydra crunch. I will complete the setup by tomorrow can't wait how it turns out .
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    15 Gallon Tank Hello

    1 Bladder Snail! Isn't it the one which can multiply very quickly and takeover your tank. I would be careful with that. Add a nerite snail instead, it eats only algae and will help you keep your glass clean. Bonus there a patterned nerite snails available which looks stunning. Otherwise i...
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    Breeding Amber (Ember?) Tetra

    Hello all, I have a small population of ember Tetra which i would like to breed. I've tried searching for content but no luck so far. I have a couple of questions: How to identify male and female? (for tetra the female is usually larger, does this apply here?) Whats the setup you require for...
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    Aquarium Base substrate (Coco Peat, Charcoal, Lava rocks)

    i'm starting a new setup with an undergravel filter. I have lava rocks on the sides of the undergravel filter and I'm using coco peat and charcoal, + a sprinkle of JBL Florapol as 1st layer substrate. I'll be topping up with Tetra active substrate. Im trying to achieve a nutrient and Iron rich...
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    Identifying plant damage

    You could also use some root tabs near the roots. From the picture above I feel like you are using regular gravel (l could be wrong here). I don't know about wisteria but Amazon Sword are heavy root feeders, having nutrients by their roots is definely a must , I learned this the hard way :v.
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    20 Gallon Tank Giant Betta has lump under gills

    That seems to be like an infection of some sort under the scales. Have you tried the regular medication (API Melafix, Pimafix)? They contains untifungal properties which might help. Good luck and keep us updated.
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    How long can Ich live dry? No water

    Hello, While i do not know the lifecycle of ich in open air, i have had success with an aquarium heater which got rid of all ich. Between since u tore everything out try putting hot water over eveything that should help things out. Hope that helps, good luck. Keep us updated :)
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