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    Small nano shrimp tank....

    I have something similar looking that I'm planning on putting shrimp in, only its around 3 and a half gallons Problem is, I can't seem to find any locally lol. Can't wait to see your progress though!
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    Need help, cloudy water fish fatalities.

    I have absolutely no idea what this could be, but i'm very interested as to what you find out. And if it was something chemical wouldn't it show up on the test kit somewhere?
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    My 20L

    No problem.. lol
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    Simple DIY Backgrounds?

    No I didn't but I'll definitely check that out, thanks!
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    Simple DIY Backgrounds?

    True, true. Maybe if I can mess around with the paint in the cracks I can make the depth seem more profound. And using the chisel to rough it up sounds like a great idea too! Thanks.
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    My 20L

    No I mean as in
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    Simple DIY Backgrounds?

    I will if I decide too. I have a ten gallon tank that would be a good size for experimenting.
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    How to live with MTD(multi tank disorder)

    That's the spirit! Don't buy a tank that fits in your house, buy a house that fits all your
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    what exactly is "media"?

    Usually Tetra Whispers and most HOB filters that I have seen have the two parts shown below: The white media bag is mainly used for filtration and can contain bacteria and the black mesh piece holds bacteria as well. If you have that or something similar that both provides filtration as well as...
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    HOB & Canister Filter in the Same Tank?

    I agree with Dolfan on this one, I'd use the canister and one of the hobs. It just seems more balanced that way imo.
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    How to live with MTD(multi tank disorder)

    That's what I always say to my parents/girlfriend. "You want another tank, really?" "AT LEAST I'M NOT DOING DRUGS MOM!" lol
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    Add TSS 24 hours after adding prime! Really?

    How exactly did you lose your cycle? Because if you have at least some remnant of it like your media, substrate, or decorations, etc., I would just do water changes when needed and just wait it out and let nature run its course. Depending on the delicacy of your fish, they should be fine if you...
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    My 20L

    Looks great! What are your stocking plans?
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    Scarlet Badis Biotope - 8 gallon nano

    Wow, I love that. What are the dimensions on that tank? It looks really roomy for the size. Those fish are going to be very happy in there!
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    Simple DIY Backgrounds?

    I liked it too, honestly. It took some work to get it unwrinkled enough, but I was happy with it. Too bad the next day I went to the Lfs and that went up in But what's new right? EDIT: And I also had a thought for a future tank background.. I work a lot with wood, and I was thinking...
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