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    Reptile Heating Pad Under A Dirted Aquarium

    The shrimp wouldn't need the heat but the endlers would. Guppies don't need heat unless your home gets super cold and even then they survive, and I think they actually live longer at cooler temps
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    Tank Mate For 18 Neon Tetras 40g Breeder

    Angel ate all my neons. Angels get really big, like dinner plates
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    40 Gallon Tank 40g Aio Stocking Ideas And Questions

    They like frozen bloodworm. Probably best to get them at the same time.
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    40 Gallon Tank 40g Aio Stocking Ideas And Questions

    I suspect murder. Of the two I have left one is v dominant (more confident, gets to food first) I guess they have figured out the pecking order They won't eat dried food. I culture Daphnia and grindal worms for mine. They like frozen bloodworm . Mine hide most of the time but come out at...
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    Semi-aquatic Plants?

    a lot of the plants that we keep in the aquarium are very happy growing emersed. they like it as they have direct access to CO2. pennywort does very well emersed and will flower. dwarf hairgrass does too, loves it. it's actually not natural for them to be underwater all the time.
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    40 Gallon Tank 40g Aio Stocking Ideas And Questions

    I had three dwarf puffers. they were living together in the LFS. they advised me that these fish are better off alone but I thought I would try it. Anyway. I've only got two now.
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    Trying a planted aquarium with shrimp and my Betta

    no. that's about right. you have to fill the tank front to back. your betta is a lucky guy
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    I Got A Chicken!!

    "Still Life with Chickens" is a wonderful book about keeping chickens. I hope she thrives.
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    Reptile Heating Pad Under A Dirted Aquarium

    I use a 15 watt seedling mat to heat 10 litres. It heats the water to five degrees above room temp. I won't need it on in the summer. you just have to try it, much depends on the ambient temperature. it's not a lot of heat, you won't fry your fish the way you would if an aquarium heater got...
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    I Got A Chicken!!

    will it be hard to raise? i've heard stories about chickens. how they take over your life
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    Consecutive Water Changes While Acclimating Fish

    I frequently lose fish without realising it in a heavily planted tank but mollies are pretty big. if you have shrimp they will eat it.
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    So I Have Rhabdocoela Worms, Help!

    My betta are all the detritus worms. I don't know what your worms are . Just leave them unless they are parasitic
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    Betta Missing Entire Chunk From Tail And Body- Should I Euthanize?

    Let him die by himself, see my previous post. Ultimately it is your decision
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    Should I Euthanize My Betta?

    I just let them die by themselves. They go quite fast ime. Make sure he has somewhere to rest I've been poisoned myself and I don't think it's a a comfortable experience. Hard to tell without asking the fish.
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    Potential Equalibrium

    Yes I keep low/ no tech planted tanks with no filter or artificial light. .They do have a heater or I keep them on a heat mat for the live stock. They do better than my tech tanks algae I do change the water though. I aI'm for 25% weekly.
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