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    Fish With Bulging Eye

    If only one of your fish has a bulging eye it could be an injury. Keeping the water clean and the tank stress free is important to keep the eye uninfected. If it is popeye or some other illness than treat the fish in a seperate tank to prevent the spread of the illness
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    Infected Fins

    Salt baths and antifungal treatments. Good luck
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    Infected Fins

    Fin rot and maybe cotton wool disease i think it's called.
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    Who Can I Put With This Guy

    Sorry it looked a bit like fin rot from the top. Maybe some neon or ember tetras
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    Who Can I Put With This Guy

    Can I have a side veiw of your betta? I know it's off topic but his fins look a bit raggedy
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    Beginner Plants For 10 Gallon

    I have a 10 gallon tank I'm planning to redo in the future. What are some beginner plants that I can add?
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    Sick Betta

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    Came Back From A 1 Week Vacation To Return To Overfed Tanks

    Keep doing water changes and cut back feeding
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    Treating Fin Rot In A Divided Tank?

    Since both fish are already sick you can keep them in the same tank and treat them in it.
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    Help !!betta Fish Help: Fin Rot Or Tail Tear/holes!!!

    Looks like fin nipping. My betta has that same problem
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    Help Lethargic Betta

    Is your tank heated? Does he show any signs of illness?
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    Downsizing Betta

    My betta curently lives in a 5 gallon tank with a snail and I was wondering is it would be ok is I split the tank and added another betta. Would downsizing affect my betta? Is there a way to make the transition easier?
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    Help We Know Our Pets (finrot)

    I haven't been able to catch my betta in the act. I don't think he'd stop because of a good scolding lol. Maybe you could add some new decorations for him to explore. Maybe switch out some plants or add some caves.
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    10 Gallon Tank 10 gallon Betta Tank Setup Help

    Java fern perfer low to medium lights. Snails would be a good idea and mostly just need a source of algea and calcium. For substrate I'd say fluval stratum. Amazon has pretty much everything you need. As for plant food I use Flourish. Hoped this helped
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    Help We Know Our Pets (finrot)

    My betta also has that problem. I'm thinking it's tail nipping and not fin fot considering it's been a few months and it hasn't gotten worse. Keeping the water clean is top priority right now. It doesn't look like fin rot to me.

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