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    Building your own tank

    hi, that site is a very usful site to have thanks for posting it (taffy)
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    my breeding pair

    hi, ph 6.5 to 7.0 ammo 0. nitrite 0. nitrate 0. water hasnt alot to do with growth really but you do want the best water you can achieve but i find a good beefheart bloodworm chopped earthworms and a veriety of good frozen foods you cant really go rong check at your lfs ive got my own mix if...
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    Question Going out of town over weekend, fry in tank.

    hi, ive also got fry and i dont know if this could help but ive been toyin with the idea of a drip bottle with newly hatched brine shrimp small hole in lid sothe water and fry drip through an idea thats all nothing proved maybe it could work good luck let me know if it works for you taffy
  4. mam dad & kids

    mam dad & kids

  5. one of my ladies takin care of buisness

    one of my ladies takin care of buisness

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    1 Gallon Tank changin fish and eggs to bigger tank

    hi, just reading through threds how did your eggs get on with the move hope everything went well (taffy)
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    Please help! Fish dying =(

    hi, no problem i whent to my local shop yesterday if you want to clear your tank of snails use a weak salution of POTTASSIUM-PERMANGANATE and rinse well with clean water that will kill off the eggs of the snails but you,ll have to pick out the bigger ones plants, rocks ,wood anything you can...
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    Please help! Fish dying =(

    Je55*e did any of your fish have like a cloudy eye because white furing can happen soon as the fish dies unless they had it before they died hope this will help
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    Please help! Fish dying =(

    hi the only thing i can say is i lost a couple of fish like you have when i asked at my lfs the first thing they asked was have you got snails in your tank when i told them i had they told me to pick out all the big ones i could then treat the tank with an anti snail treatment so i did and my...
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    Cotton like growth on my fake plants

    hi, gunzer your fake plant do help clean your tank but you should clean them at least once a month so i would try that for a bit hope this will help.
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    Please help! Fish dying =(

    hi, je55*e the only thing i can think of is the snails they carry a parasite that isnt allways active cheque your LFS they may give you a better idea but i do know snails can be a real problem hope things sort out for you ( taffy)
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    Question pond in nd

    hi bob could you give some more info on your climate and what probs do you think you,ve got
  13. my new 5ft 2ft 18" 93/uk/gal

    my new 5ft 2ft 18" 93/uk/gal

  14. 5ft-2ft-18" 93/uk/gal

    5ft-2ft-18" 93/uk/gal

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