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    It might be the apistogramma, or a Dwarf cichlid.
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    My Little Electric Catfish

    He's really cute!
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    Family Dinner

    My fish do that too. I cut my wafer in half, but one half still ends up being the more popular one.
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    Coldwater Advice

    I am restarting a 37 gallon southeast USA biotope, and I'm wondering if anyone has any advice about the fish that I plan to stock my tank with or any other ideas for my tank. The possible fish are: Mosquito fish Glass shrimp Dwarf orange crayfish Fathead minnow (rosy reds) Florida flagfish...
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    Funny Hungry Or Just Curious?

    It's fun to watch any fish eat a mosquito larva.
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    Cold Water Cyprinid For Id

    I believe it's a creek chubsucker. The lake chubsuckers have a less visible lateral line.
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    Cold Water Cyprinid For Id

    Chubsucker is a suckermouth, chub is not.
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    20 Gallon Tank 20 Gallons Stocking

    It's probably ok then.
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    Is This Ich?

    If it's fluffy, it could be some type of fungus.
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    Cold Water Cyprinid For Id

    How long, and can you post a view of its mouth? I think possibly creek chub or creek chubsucker.
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    20 Gallon Tank 20 Gallons Stocking

    KuhlI loach would probably be more helpful in my opinion, but you might need to change your water more often.
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    Humidity For Frogs

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    Humidity For Frogs

    I mist my 15 gallon terrarium about 4 times a day, and it still drops below the recommended 50-80%. The humidity in my house is 55%. Currently, there are no tadpoles or frogs in the tank, but I have it all set up for them. How can I keep humidity up? Aquarium details 50% land 50% water Temp...
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    Fishing Themed Tank

    Well, any sunfish larger than 4 inches is going to be crazy aggressive and need only meat. Apparently they're obligate carnivores. If you don't want agressive, I would recommend dollar sunfish or either Blackbanded, banded, or Bluespotted sunfish. Dollar sunfish are semi-aggressive, and the...
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    Unknown Fish

    Can you take a pic with him in the water?
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