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    Share Your 10 Gallon Tank Photos :-)

    Lol! Mine is also going wild and in need of a revamp (or at least a more attentive plant triming, I've been just keeping it maintained for the health and happiness of the fish without bothering to take time to get an aesthetically pleasing look). But I've been putting it off until my fish move...
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    But I Don't Wanna Change My Water!!!!

    I also have many health issues that make water changes a challenge, but I know that I can ask for help on the days that I can't lift things or grasp things without dropping them. I think it's important to set up ways to accomplish a task in the most comfortable and safe way, when I'm on my own...
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    But I Don't Wanna Change My Water!!!!

    Sorry if my sarcastic attempt at humor in my earlier post was hurtful in any way. I didn't intend that. I probably should have gone with a more informative response rather than a sarcastic contrast. You are correct about the constant inflow of water into many lakes and ponds bringing fresh...
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    But I Don't Wanna Change My Water!!!!

    Everyone just needs a natural pond or lake to observe that water changes are NOT necessary! Because the water cycle brings rain in to top of the pond or lake, and everything runs fine all on its own without anyone taking water out... Right? Oh wait... or is there something about lakes with no...
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    Question Gasping Behavior Or Something Else

    Yay! They are doing good now, no more gulping at the surface! They are swimming around and look quite relaxed and now when I walk in the room they just swim over to the glass to look at me instead of hanging out at the surface. Thanks for the advice everyone. Have a great day!
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    Question Gasping Behavior Or Something Else

    Good news I found the water treatment they use next to the tank so I'll use that. Bad news no siphon in site.... Looks like I'll be doing a plastic cup at a time water change. At least I found a water jug to refill with. I noticed I noticed as I was taking a break from scooping out some water...
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    Question Gasping Behavior Or Something Else

    Hi Old, Thanks that sounds like a good idea. I have done many many many water changes at home, but I may be doing it one cup at a time here if they don't have their supplys like a siphon out where I can find them. They are on well water so that's good, I won't need to treat for chlorine. Got...
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    Question Gasping Behavior Or Something Else

    Hi guys, I put this under beginners since goldfish are totally a new thing to me and I have such little info. I'm house sitting & notice that their goldfish are constantly at the surface doing what I would consider gasping or gulping air (Or is that how goldfish beg for food?? They are at the...
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    Help Help!! I Just Saw A Red Worm In My Aquascape

    Saw your new photos, they are good and clear. do you think the little whitish worms are smaller versions of the large red worm? Or do they seem different in appearance to you? It may be two species of worms as the red one looks more like a flat worm of some kind to me (however it's always easier...
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    Hello From The Orient! New Enthusiast And Hobbyist

    Welcome! I'm not very experienced in the hobby yet so I can't give much advice or input, but I do know that if you start a tank up before your move the water itself will not contain the beneficial bacteria to jumpstart the tank after the move. Your filter material and any items (decorations...
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    Psa - Tap Water Chlorine Levels In Summer

    I never thought about that, but it makes sense that there would be higher treatment levels in summer. I'm glad I'm not hooked up to municipal water, I'll have to let my friends who are know about this. How would one treat to get rid of the extra chemicals? Would you add more conditioner?
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    Small Dots And Bugs

    I agree it looks like seed shrimp (ostracods), and probably snail eggs on the rocks.
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    Important 300 Gallon Stock Tank Sale

    That is cool! I would love one of those! As would my fish I'm only a couple hundred dollars short...
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    He's Still Alive

    He's so cute!
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    Help Identify These Odd Things And Other Stuff

    Could it be snail eggs?

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