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    Hello From New York

    :;bananahiHI, WELCOME TO FISHLORE! :;bananahi
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    Finally my tank is cycled!

    Very nice.
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    Cleaning tank and acessories with bleach

    I guess my question would be why? Do you want to kill off something is attacking your fish? It must be remembered that if you do use bleach, you will be killing all the beneficial bacteria as well, and the simple methods of cutting food, and changing water, and decreasing light will do...
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    Hi Guys! I missed everyone!!!

    HI! I am glad you found the source of your being sick, hope Jeffery doesn't cause further allergies...... I am in the process of cleaning out my life as well. Getting started can be the hardest part! The reward though is worth it. I am selling lots of things, for much less than we...
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    Question Question about canister filter

    According to it is fine for saltwater. I feel the question about the media is more do you want to chance introducing something to your saltwater tank. IN THE VERY LEAST, I would wash the media....VERY WELL in clear water. Use a conditioner, and then biospira for saltwater to re...
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    Extinction event :(

    Beautifule grand baby! Where did all that hair come from. Rick, sorry about your tank.....sometimes I think neglect is better than fussing too much. I am like you in that I try to do things fast, and sometimes it ends up the slow way because I will run the tank over...SO if I feel really...
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    sad day today

    I agree with capekate, something is fishy! Your readings are off, AND you should take readings BEFORE your water changes. Do the change, then re-test 24 hours later. Then you will be able to judge how things are improving, or if you have to continue with the water changes. When you...
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    Advice Please!!!

    OK, kids.......let's all hold hands! It all depends on how "light, you are" , I agree a light vacuuming is not going to disrupt your cycle completely, and if you have heavy waste producers like oscars, or gold fish, it is probably a good idea. 1/2 one week and 1/2 the other should be...
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    Uh Oh!

    Your tank is overstocked. I counted about 54 inches of fish in a 39 gallon tank...This is going to mean you need to do 25-50 % changes every few days to keep the nitrates down. Corys are often the first fish to show a problem with water quality.....but they are all suffering. Do you...
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    :;bananahi HI, WELCOME TO FISHLORE! :;bananahi My first question is why are you "feeding" a tank if you used bio-spira? You aren't suppose to feed it like you do when you are doing a fishless cycle. With Bio-Spria, you put your fish in right after the bio-spira...No cycling...
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    Dead shrimp overnight!

    Cheer up....I can almost bet you that wasn't a shrimp you saw eaten! They shed their skin, and it is white. Looks just like a shrimp, but if you notice it doesn't have "meat" inside...a snail would look to eat it, cause it has minerals the snail needs. You most probably still have the...
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    Calendar ordering website

    WOW, that is lovely, and a nice plug for fishlore as are sharp lady!
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    Fish Tank Open Bottom - How is it done?

    PROF, :;bananahiWELCOME TO FISHLORE :;bananahi You found one of the truly classic DIY posts....YES TIMG is still around, a little worse for ware maybe but he stays in touch. I can't say if this particular set up is still up and running, as he moved, and some of his tanks didn't make...
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    sad day today

    Sorry about your fish. Just for information what are the readings on ammonia, nitrite and nitrate. I took a look at your profile, and it looks like your 190 lt tank (50 gallons) could be overstocked. How many of each do you have in there? My suggestion is to do an immediate 25% water...
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    getting sharks to eat live food

    I have balas in with mollies and they NEVER eat the fry.....I have seen them pick up a whole algae wafer and eat it...I think they just aren't live fish eaters...Look at the way their mouth goes. They are in the barb family, and do really well with a treat of frozen bloodworms or brine shrimp...

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