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    Mystery Snail Laying Eggs?

    Ooooo okay I thought snail poop was darker and usually stringy, I guess like fish poop. Okay no eggs for me thanks for the reply
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    Mystery Snail Laying Eggs?

    Noticed my snail next to egg sac like object, but its below water and they don't look like the s I researched for a clutch to look like. Are these infertile eggs? Should I remove them or move them above the water line? New to snails . . .I know they can reproduce even when the lone snail, I had...
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    Best Tank Mate For A Betta?

    Another betta! Kidding, but yes ghost shrimp with a marimo ball would be entertaining to watch. My ghost shrimp always die . . .wish you luck with them
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    Can You Heat A Small Tank?

    Not to scare you, but I had that heater at one point and it exploded . . .at the very least the clear part broke apart in my tank, but no fish causalities. I just vacuumed the shards and upgraded brands. If I remember correctly the heater turns on as needed, once it hits 78 it turns off, turns...
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    29 Gallon Ideas?

    Have you considered dwarf cichlids? I believe you can do a mating pair of say apistogramma cacatuoides with neon tetras. I haven't kept cichlids yet, but have done some research and a few articles support this and videos of tank builds showing these two together. Angelfish are a type of cichlid...
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    Upgrading From Starter Kit In Top Fin Essential 29

    So I got this kit and I have no idea what light wattage it has, I've tried looking around, maybe I overlooked it, but I've concluded it's not enough. I want to upgrade to a system to medium lighting I currently house Amazon Sword (1 main, 2 leaflets), 2 java moss balls, marimo ball, some...
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    Amazon Sword Leaves Turning Brown

    I also have a newly set up 29 with amazon sword with browning issues, nice to see it could be a lack of K which I should have fixed with a dosage of plant food 2 days ago, but I'd also like to add I got my amazon sword from one of those dry packages in Petsmart and I contributed them turning...
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    Do Guppies School? Are They Compatible With Pea Puffers Or Angelfish?

    Oh yes most definitely not the puffer, sorry for not clarifying. Puffer - no, they barely share the tank with their own species from what I hear. Yes it seems tetras are recommended, but not guppies with angelfish
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    Is This A Siamese Algae Eater? Need Help Please...

    Siamese Algae Eaters (SAE) are said to eat bba, but they are also aggressive and it's not recommended to add a new fish just to take care of a temporary issue. Perhaps try other alternatives, do lights out or research more about bba solutions
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    Do Guppies School? Are They Compatible With Pea Puffers Or Angelfish?

    Schooling/Shoaling is a behavior fish take on, "safety in numbers" is the reason for fish like corydoras to do this, but guppies do not school rather they might pair up, group together or be independent based on a fish's personality. I've only seen Pea puffers being recommended as single...
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    Anyone Have A Clue About This One?

    I've heard of people containing duckweed to only half their tank, perhaps you could try that and keep both plants
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    Are Both Of These False Julii Corydoras?

    That's great to hear! And explains the color diff because petsmart usually keeps fish on light tan gravel
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    Are Both Of These False Julii Corydoras?

    Okay thanks for the replies and clarification. Love the little guys!
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    Are Both Of These False Julii Corydoras?

    I got a couple corydoras from petsmart 2 weeks ago, 3 juliI (most likely false from what I hear) and 2 albino after being told they would school even though they had different coloring. They don't really and despite having black sand I like how the juliI look more so I decided to get more. Sadly...
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