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  1. Help Fish Lice?

    I finally figured out what they are. Sphaeromatid Isopods, algae eating kind, since my blenny died my tank has exploded with them and all other kinds of Copepods
  2. Help Fish Lice?

    I have these creatures that are the marine version of a rolley polley, except they have a tail. Same size same build, and even same number of legs. they live almost exclusively in my filter sock eating detritus. I have also seen them eating algae in my tank. In my tank the hermit crabs will eat...
  3. Supavisor Pete's start into Saltwater

    Yuppp, they are in fact aiptasia, I finally got the LFS guy alone when his boss wasn't around, and made him tell me as I drown him jk, but seriously had to ask some tough questions to get it out him. However the lightbulb anemone is actually not aiptasia and has grown quite a bit
  4. Supavisor Pete's start into Saltwater

    I'm not sure either way, to be honest. The one in the clam shell is a light bulb and is supposedly non aggressive, So until I see other wise I'll keep him. however as far as the others, I'm gonna say you're probably right. Supposedly they are called flower anemones, and are semi aggressive. The...
  5. Question Can I add fish now?

    NH4-0 NO2-0 N03-5ppm Ca-520 Ka-125.3 Po-0ppm week four of cycling, though I saw diatom action on the third day of cycling. this is the second time I've had 0s on my ammonia and nitrites. My question is, can I add fish now? I would like to add a yellow tang or a clown fish. also Can I get some...
  6. Supavisor Pete's start into Saltwater

    light bulb anemone in a dead clam shell flower anemones more flower anemones whole set up its a 29 gallon tall, with a sump that is about ten, I replaced the glass one with an acrylic (long story). I finally figured out how to do pics...I think lol
  7. Supavisor Pete's start into Saltwater

    I know its been awhile but I thought I'd re-up this post with some pics and what not.
  8. Question (Saltwater) noob needs help

    what algae is it? and sand with miraclemud is what I use for my macro
  9. Help! About to give up on saltwater tank

    Red legged hermits, are better cleaners than most others, but supposedly they can get aggressive(I've been told, and they do get big) blue legged, and brown legged hermits will clean up the algae around your tank (they sift the sand also). get a variety of snails, turbo are the most efficient...
  10. more fish 012

    more fish 012

  11. more fish 011

    more fish 011

  12. Newly set up

    Newly set up

    pics of my failures and success
  13. Help! About to give up on saltwater tank

    I don't think for a 75 gallon tank that you have enough of a clean up crew. The recommendations that I've always heard is 1 snail and hermit(depending on type) per gallon. I personally run a very high nutrient system, lots of food and all, just to keep the bacteria cranking on the ammonia...
  14. Help with Gracilaria

    Do you have any recommendations for LS, Ie miracle or mineral mud? or just some caribsea LS? anything special? And I do have a 14 watt 8000 full spectrum light over the sump, which is 10 gallons.( I think that's sufficient?)lol
  15. Help with Gracilaria

    So i picked some up for real cheap and thought wow, perfect for the fuge. but I want to keep it alive and well. I also have a very small amount of caulerpa on my live rock.I was thinking(give your opinion now!) of putting in chaeto and gracilaria in the fuge, I understand that Gracilaria needs...

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