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    African Dwarf Frogs

    Mine does very well in my 20 gallon aquarium. They do well in smaller tanks, too. They take about as much care as tropical fish. Good food, good filtration, clean water and places to hide. Floating plants are good, too, but they will hang onto the heater and any air lines you have in the tank. S.
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    Ms. Pac-man frog!

    Surprisingly, they aren't that expensive. I paid about $10 for her when she was really little. I think the bigger they are, the more you'll pay. If/when you do get one, make sure you give it substrate it can burrow in and a water dish big enough to soak in. Some pet shops will tell you that...
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    Bio-wheel vs. aquaclear Why Not?

    I've never tried an Aquaclear, but just today bought a Bio-Wheel (Penguin) for my 20 gallon. I had a dinky "up to 20 gallon" Aquatech filter, and it was just not doing a very good job. The Bio-Wheel is for tanks up to 50 gallons and has improved my water quality in a matter of hours. Took poor...
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    At last! A pic of Myst!

    Thank you, poe! I guess that we ladies take our love of decorating and interior design beyond curtains and furniture. I love to arrange my aquariums in a way that they look like more than a "fish tank"..... almost like a living work of art. Myst is indeed my favorite betta boy. He's learned that...
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    Stray cat

    I've been feeding a stray. Naughty, I know, but I'm a big softy. The poor thing looks like he fought a losing battle with fleas or some kind of biting insect. I got close enough to him to squirt some flea drops on his back, but I don't know if that's enough. Anyone have any ideas on how to help...
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    Found a Squirrel! HELP!!!

    Great job, Isabella! With the care you're taking of the little ones, and the love you've given them, you're sure to have outdoor pet squirrels next year. Once you let them go, you can put out squirrel houses for them. I'd put a little of whatever litter or bedding they've been sleeping in inside...
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    any1 had any experience of pet rats?

    I'm still waiting for my daughter's rats to have their babies so I can bring home two little girls. Rats, in my opinion, are the third best house pet to have, falling just below dogs and cats. Maybe even better than dogs and cats, since not everyone has room for bigger pets, but everyone can...
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    At last! A pic of Myst!

    Thank you both so much for your kind words! Yes, I am a proud Betta Mom. All my boys are wonderful, but Myst is the sweetest. Floyd is stand-offish, and Draco is constantly trying to intimidate me with all his flaring and flashing around his tank. The tank Myst is in is still "under...
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    Okay folks I REALLY need your help

    Rose, Here is what I would try once Jasmyn and Sara are healed and ready to go back into the tank with Emma: First I would do a large water change, unless you have something to put all the water in so you can reuse it. Then I would get all new gravel, plants and decorations. Set up the tank as...
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    At last! A pic of Myst!

    You still can't really see his coloring, but I finally got a pic of Myst patrolling his tank. Here's my precious boy: (in the second pic he's in the top left corner.....) Sara
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    Found a Squirrel! HELP!!!

    I seriously don't know if I'd call the wildlife officer, especially in the city, where squirrels might be considered a nuisance. Most baby animals don't have rabies, since they have to be bit in order to contract the disease. Usual signs are unsteadiness (hard to distinguish in wobbly babies)...
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    Found a Squirrel! HELP!!!

    You can use a syringe to feed her for now. That's what my daughter did with her baby squirrel. Also, once you feel comfortable handling her more, wear a shirt with a pocket or make a pouch out of an old apron. Carry her close to your body as you do things around the house. This will comfort her...
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    Favorite Rock Bands & Singers...

    I like a very broad range of music: Barry Manilow, Elton John, Gordon Lightfoot, Aerosmith, Pink, Gwen SteffanI (?), Wednesday 13, Drowning Pool, Rammstein, Bowling for Soup, All 4 1, Tool, Korn, Sarah Mc., Starship, Bon Jovi, Nelly, Eminem, Matchbox 20, Fleetwood Mac, Stevie Nicks, Nilsson...
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    Coming soon

    I will soon be the proud mom of a baby rat. My duaghter's rats are both expecting within the week, and I have agreed to take two. One for myself, and one for my step-daughter. I'm planning on two females, and hoping for one solid black or gray. If none of you have ever owned a rat, let me tell...
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    Identity crisis

    Sampson looks an awful lot like a Chinese Algae Eater. I had two of them in my 20 gallon, and they can get aggressive if not given enough room. Sara
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