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    Multie Troubleshooting...again

    I keep mine at a GH: 17, KH:15, pH:8.4, temp: 77 F, and they will not stop breeding! Definitely give the Seachem Equilibrium a try. I'm not sure that algae/diatom grown on the shells will affect the eggs, since most of my shells have diatoms and about half have algae. I have a few nerite snails...
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    Tank Mates for Multis that will eat eggs/fry

    A bit of backstory... I have a 46 gallon bowfront tank that's been housing a multi colony for about 5 years. I started off with 4 F1 fish from a local store and 4 fish from a local fishkeeper's colony. In those 5 years, the colony had grown to at least 50-60 fish, but I've noticed a few fish...
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    Fungus or parasite? Maybe columnaris?

    Well, whatever it is, PraziPro took care of it. I dosed the whole tank yesterday. This morning I couldn't find her, so I was afraid that she died, but I didn't have time to search the entire tank. This evening she was out and about, swimming normally without clamped fins, and the white spot was...
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    Tank stock recs: Ember tetras vs Harlequin Rasboras for Betta community Tank

    I second this recommendation. I have a school of ember tetras in one of my tanks, and they didn't really color up nicely until I upped their school to 15.
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    Fungus or parasite? Maybe columnaris?

    I'm having a heck of a time with my 72 gallon community tank the last few weeks. I lost two ember tetras to some mysterious color fading and lateral line darkening, 2 sparkling gouramis to a pinkish white spot on their head just above their mouth (I asked for advice on the forum, but didn't get...
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    Water Wisteria edges of the leaves have been turning brown and curling

    I have had water wisteria in my tank for about 4 months. Since I added it, it has grown from about 4" to about 18" in height. Just recently (within the last week or two) the edges of the leaves have been turning brown and curling. I tried rubbing the dark spots off, and it seems like some of it...
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    Amazon Sword Leaves Thinning

    I have a ton of seachem root tabs, so I'll use those up before switching to Thrive and I'll continue to add the micro and macro fertilizers to the water column. I was surprised that the leaves took several months to start looking like this. They have been healthy until now and none of the other...
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    Add c. habrosus to community tank?

    In my opinion, they're totally safe to add to your community tank. I had a school of habrosus for years and as the school dwindled, I added a school of peppered corydoras since habrosus are super hard to get in my area. The remaining habrosus schooled with my peppered corys until I lost the last...
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    Is inbreeding a problem?

    Thanks for all of the information! Based on all of your replies I've decided to rehome about half of my colony and add a few new ones to introduce some genetic diversity. I'll obviously keep the deformed ones and since they're all male, I may set up a smaller tank to keep them in to prevent them...
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    Amazon Sword Leaves Thinning

    I've got a few different Amazon swords in my 72 gallon tank, most are fine, but two of them have leaves that are thinning and turning brown, but the veins are still green. They've been in this tank for maybe 5-6 months and we're purchased in the plastic tubes from Petco. None of the other swords...
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    Is inbreeding a problem?

    I’m not sure. I don’t ever separate fry and raise them, I leave them in the tank with the adults, most eventually get eaten, but enough survive that the 8 has turned into at least 50-60 adults. The original 8 were about 5 years ago though and a only a few adults have died over the years, maybe...
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    Echinodorus “ozelot” growth rate

    I got two ozelots at the exact same time maybe 6 months ago. They were the same size, but have grown at vastly different rates in the same tank. One is in the front of the tank, with more red on the leaves, and one is well over twice the size in the back of my tank with leaves that are much more...
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    Is inbreeding a problem?

    All three deformed fish pictured definitely have lips. The one with the gaping mouth, has a full set of lips, his mouth is just always open. He eats just fine by sucking food into his mouth. I can’t bring myself to euthanize fish just because they’re deformed, but maybe that’s what I should be...
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    Is inbreeding a problem?

    I have a 46 gallon bowfront tank of neolamprologus multifasciatus that has been running for about 5 years. I started with 8 fish from 2 different sources, now there are at least 50 adults. I’ve noticed that several of my fish have what appears to be facial deformities or possibly old injuries...
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    6.6 Bookshelf Aquarium Dark Green Algae - nutrient imbalance?

    I was under the impression that shrimp can't handle larger water changes. Instead of larger changes, would several smaller changes per week be better?
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