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    Treat time for discus!

    looooooooool I loved how they started fighting
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    5 Gallon Tank Zombie's 5 gallon Hex

    Looks great! I'm considering to get them myself xD
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    My 29 gallon set up

    Love the driftwood and black sand
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    Controlling Snails

    I think a pond snail ?_? I went with assassin snails, because I couldn't think of any fish besides loaches that could do the job. Thanks everyone!
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    Controlling Snails

    What snail/fish would do fit well into a 29 gallon Amazon aquarium and control the snail population?
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    Thanks. Several of the fish died but the rest are looking much much better.
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    whew ty... that's relieving Can't imagine how I would treat both ich and columnaris :/ I've been treating with heat for about 2 days now at around 83 F. Is 83 F alright or is it critical that I reach 85-90? I don't see your sig.
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    I haven't isolated her because my other aqueon heater lights up red, indicating that it is heating but doesnt heat... Others haven't been affected from what I can see. I do also have an ich problem currently so I'm really hoping its not columnaris :/
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    Does this look like a Columnaris to you guys? The area is pink and slightly swollen but not fuzzy.
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    Cleaning Dirted Tanks

    Thanks! Yes I have fish in the tank and it is a little more than moderately planted.
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    Cleaning Dirted Tanks

    oh xD what if you have high levels of nitrite or anything harmful? just change water?
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    Cleaning Dirted Tanks

    How do people clean aquariums that use soil with a layer of gravel on the top? With regular gravel vacuums or would they stir up a big mess?
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    Will be updating logo up top in a bit

    I love this new shade of blue. Easy on the eyes
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    Petco $1 per Gallon Sale

    Awesome! D:
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    30L planted freshwater- suggestions??

    Yeah I think different gravel would really help a lot if you want to create a natural feel

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