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    What live food can I breed for my tropical fish

    thanks for the offer and yes I would love to take up your offer of PM but I don't have enough posts to do it. sorry. I tried daphinia in a 17ltr tank but that was a disaster within 2 days so I got very disheartened and put my male betta in there instead. I don't have much money but love to see...
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  7. 24 ltr goldfish

    24 ltr goldfish

    for an overstocked tank they seem to flourish and have had them over 2 years now. 1 live and 3 fake plants as the comet, thats our Fatso eats anything and everything.
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  13. 60 ltr Biorb

    60 ltr Biorb

    this is my first biorb and fingers crossed all seems to be going well. stocked with 2 live plants,2 female bettas, 7 neons, 5 rummy nose, 9 baby mollys, 1 zebra, 1 upsidedown catfish, our oldest fish a minnow & an apple snail. probably slightly overstocked but waiting to move the mollys onto a...
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    A big thank you

    sorry about and thanks for the info have now pasted to the welcome forum, cheers
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    A big thank you

    apology if this is out of order or in wrong thread but I am very new to this forum idea and a slow learner, teaching an old dog new tricks and all that. but I just wish to congratulate everyone concerned with fishlore, such a wealth of knowledge, information, help and a sense of friendlyness...
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