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    Marmaaa's 4g Walstad Bowl

    The tank's looking good but honestly though I kinda want to see the leech now.
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    October 2021 Fish/Plant/Invert/Coral of the Month

    One of my Crystal Shrimp on a Christmas Moss bed.
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    October 2021 Aquarium of the Month

    An updated pic of my 6.5gal. The moss is growing good and the Montecarlo is spreading out!
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    Fishstery's first dutch(ish) style tank!

    OMG that scape is amazing! At first when I saw the tank I thought it was at least 20 gallons but then I saw in the description that it was actually 5 gallons! The depth in that tank is crazy!
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    SterSter's Aquascapes and Fish

    Sorry for the delay everyone! Let me catch you all up to date. For the first week the the 30g had some cloudy water which I think was due to me adding sand to it that was not cleaned all the way. I added some filter floss though and it all went away. Luckily the fish and shrimp were all...
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    Found these today -- what should I do?

    You don't need to start over. Pest snails are pretty much inevitable in a planted aquarium no matter what you do. Instead of trying to eradicate them completely you should aim to control their numbers by not overfeeding and doing regular aquarium maintenance.
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    SterSter's Aquascapes and Fish

    Apologies everyone! School has kept me pretty occupied so I haven't had as much time to update but i'll try to do so as much as I can. The tanks have seen some improvement, especially from the monte carlo that I was finally able to get this week! I planted most of it in the 6.5gallon and a few...
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    SterSter's Aquascapes and Fish

    Apologies for the late update, school has kept me pretty occupied. Not too much has changed except plant growth. The aponogeton has grown pretty big since the last update. It’s nearly at the top of the tank! The water onion bulb has stayed the same with only a little sprout coming from the...
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    September 2021 Aquarium of the Month

    My newly setup 6.5 gallon tank for Crystal Red Shrimp about 3 weeks in.
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    SterSter's Aquascapes and Fish

    They are pretty much teeny little crustaceans that feed on algae and biofilm. They don't pose any threat to my shrimp it was just that there were just a bit too much of them for my liking. I shall now also give a small update. I have finally received the light and shrimp food for the shrimp...
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    SterSter's Aquascapes and Fish

    Update time for the tanks! I rescaped the 30gal to be more open. In the middle I am planning on having a nice leveled out montecarlo or pearlweed carpet and on the sides there will be very dense plant growth. When I was rescaping I trimmed the plants down a bit and bundled up the clippings...
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    SterSter's Aquascapes and Fish

    Here are some progress of pics of my shrimp tank! August 5 2021 August 11 2021 August 17 2021 (This is when I first added the shrimp) August 18 2021 (Today) Here’s two of my CRS chilling on a rock. When I first got them they were all hiding behind the driftwood. After a few days they...
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    30 Gallon Tank From Rags to Riches... A 30g journey

    Hey everyone! I've completed the main parts for the Shrimp tank so as promised here is the thread for all updates for all my tanks and other future projects! SterSter's Aquascapes and Fish, with a Hint of Capitalism | Members Fish Tanks Forum | 507077
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    10 Gallon Tank My Nano Desktop Tank: A Shrimpy Aquascape Journey

    Hey everyone! I will be continuing the updates for this tank on this ALL IN ONE thread I made. It's gonna be fun :) SterSter's Aquascapes and Fish, with a Hint of Capitalism | Members Fish Tanks Forum | 507077
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    SterSter's Aquascapes and Fish

    Hello my people! First I would like to say Thank You to everyone on this community! Without everyone here I wouldn't have discovered how much beauty, joy, and fun this hobby really is! If I hadn't stumbled upon this forum and met all you wonderful people I might have been still impulse buying...
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