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    Anyone Here Like To Cook/bake?

    Happy Birthday, Lil Miss Smee!!! :D:D A belated one I suppose and I regret not posting this when I first saw Dad's post. What a little beauty you are and you've got a great dad to boot. This really brought a smile to my face.:) I also have a little carnivore on my hands and she just turned 7 a...
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    Question Ammonia and pH alert product: does it actually work???

    Hi :) I also do not actually have experience with the product but I do know of several who use and like the ammonia alert. These folks aren't you're average newish hobbyist but people who have invested years and LOTS of money in the hobby. I am also like you and detest wasting money.;) So, I...
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    How deep to make substrate for Anubias Nana?

    The reason most tie anubias to hardscape is that it is a rhizome plant, and that rhizome must not be buried or it will rot, killing the plant. So, when putting anubias in the substrate, we must be very careful to only bury the thin roots. This doesn't usually secure the plant very well though...
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    Magicpenny's New 30 Long

    'Grats Penny... ya know, you could just do another 30g reef tank.:hilarious: Kidding!! After reading, my thoughts are, Pea Puffers are too cute!!!:D Love the Paradise FIsh.:) A FABULOUS betta like Pescado's with bright nano fish (idk... neons, rasboras, I'm out of my realm here;)), is...
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    Good set up for crested gecko ?

    Don't be sorry... mistakes happen. I can tell you that nobody manually removed the picture so it seems that it didn't upload correctly. I do not know how you are accessing the site (either via PC/browser, the browser on a mobile device, or the Fishlore app) but I'd recommend avoiding the app...
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    My Pond Is Under Attack !!!!

    It probably isn't cheap, but there's a channel on YouTube called Bamma Bass (I think!) with a large and gorgeous pond. They installed a system with a movement sensor and a sprinkler/water jet thingy... basically, when the birds or any other critters approach the perimeter of the pond, they get...
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    Good set up for crested gecko ?

    Hi :) I don't see a photo or a link so... if you want to share a link you may click the edit post button and add the link but if you want to share a photo you'll have to make a new post in order to upload the file. Please just let me know if you need any help.;) I have a Crestie who's about 9...
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    If you dont own about 6 test tubes, do you even test?

    I too have found that API kits seem to reach full saturation a little early and stay that way for a few minutes afterward, so I would say no, you don't absolutely need the timer. However, I have noticed if left for an extended time... idk, maybe 20 minutes, the color dulls which seemed to...
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    If you dont own about 6 test tubes, do you even test?

    No, lol. When I had five tanks running and wanted to knock out testing them all in little time each week... and hated the leaky caps on API tubes... well, I got a cheap 20-pack of test tubes on Amazon, along with a little rack to hold them all. Alexa is my timer.;)
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    Question What is it

    Hmmm, I am not blameless for the experience but Aiptasia X didn't work for me, and due to its ineffectiveness, my aiptasia issue got a bit out of control. I started using Aiptasia X when I had about a dozen of the pests. It seemed to work but in the next few weeks, 30 more popped up. If I'm...
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    Saltwater ecosphere help

    Just wanna chime in on sand... Do you guys know that we can thank parrotfish for nearly 100% of the sand on earth? Crazy, right? It's true.:P Most parrotfish eat algae for the most part, chomping down on the rocks where the algae grows with their incredibly strong bite. What are the rocks in...
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    Saltwater ecosphere help

    I quite like this idea in that, it seems like a lot of fun and like there would be lots of good lessons along the way. :) I have never done an ecosphere myself and have watched too few to comment on what may be common problems to watch out for or anything. What immediately comes to mind is...
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    Frustrated with fishless cycling

    Hi again. :) I checked out your tank and the last picture here... is of the filter. That little black and white cartridge at the bottom of the picture is your filter media. From what I can tell...
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    Frustrated with fishless cycling

    Hmm, well, what kind of tank is it? We can certainly figure this out.;) Whatever kind of filtration you have, what I am concerned about is the surface area for beneficial bacteria to colonize. Filters will generally have some kind of porous material, like filter pads, sponges, and or...
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    Frustrated with fishless cycling

    Hi :) Welcome to Fishlore! :) I think we need to talk about the filtration on the tank to get to the root of the problem. Can you please share what is filtering and providing flow in the tank? Also, 2ppm is a pretty standard dose for a fishless cycle but it is also higher than needed for a...

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