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  1. Prime, then tap water?

    mmmm I just stick the garden hose in the tanks
  2. Cichlid Growth?

    all fish have different growths, most of yours are med - fast grower. its hard to put a time frame on growth with saying this. for example we know frontosa are slow growers where as a red devil (american) is a fast grower. there are too many factors that influence how fast/slow a fish will...
  3. The Fish Room

    yup need to keep them alone or have a decent size tank lol have to be carefully what they are with also, they can mow an oscar over night but are not near a red terror, else you get a true green terror which is just as bad as a red lol. nice fish but I call them 1000 Neons in 1 very playful also.
  4. The Fish Room

    Thanks. GT is a False Green Terror (gold saum) Cichlid. Grows to 10-14 inch and can turn into aggro fishes ! Parents don't mind I pay the bills for the room and pay for all the gear + I gave the mummy and my cousin a tank which keeps them happy lol. Getting tanks inside the house well that's...
  5. The Fish Room

    haha cheers man. strarted stripping the silicone on the big boy today, Its funny the jobs that sound hard are easy but the ones that sound easy are hard... Painting the walls without getting paint on tanks- sounds hard.. was easy.... pushing foam boards into the roof - easy was super hard...
  6. The Fish Room

    Well guys. My room is finished! added my main feature tank 7x4x3.x (its 4 in the center as its a bow front). moved the room around a lot, will upload the layout tomorrow I need sleep. But the tank part is finished!!!! Sofa looks at the tank then I have 2x 8fts behind the sofa with the 7ft sump...
  7. The Fish Room

    Thanks yusufm Will do rogue, you may as well just have the whole room. then i can at least still look at my home aquarium Anyways I am off to bed for the night. been a big day, have a good night/day.
  8. The Fish Room

    fun fun fun! Tell me about it, as you can see from page one there was a lot of life and junk to go threw before I could start haha. Ouch! Its my first time. really weird feeling like its not like a hammer hit or cutting yourself hard to explain. Should be fine but if I sell all my fish tanks...
  9. The Fish Room

    Thanks Ryan! Also thank you for all those pages you took the time out to write up. they where super helpful so thank you once again great articles! The shock came from the power head, holding the cord and pushing it into the slot. I feel fine! Just noticed your also in Melbourne :O
  10. The Fish Room

    heheh where have u been? Yes the bats are amazing!! I am a bit worried :S someone said to me because of the shocks I may die and should go to emergency lol?
  11. The Fish Room

    I also painted the walls too add some color now that I get 0 sunlight.
  12. The Fish Room

    hey all. Little update finished the insulation today, my uncles theory worked and the walls are fine as brick. I sealed the roller doors air tight so the only leak hole is under the door but that's an easy fix On a fishy note, I "turned to the dark side" as some call it got my first Saltwater...
  13. The Fish Room

    WELL! 24 tanks and I hardly stocked them! like If i did not feel so bad for all those Red devils bashed into a 4x18x14 tank I would have 8 fish that's not even half of 24 so I did a great job and saved some fishes life now they breed non stop for me
  14. The Fish Room

    water is cheap lol about 100 per quarter and we have a pool that is on auto top up (out door) electricity on the other hand well beep beep beep beep finished the roof today, started the heater up 1 hour from 17c to 24c working like a treat once the roller doors are finished I think the...
  15. The Fish Room

    Hey Akari. that's the plan , it should also lower the evaporation rate and time the heaters run. glass being a poor insulator the heaters are trying to heat the air also due to the constant cool air > hot water change, Once I cut that out I should be fine heating wise *cross fingers* Just...

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