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    Feeder Fish Philosophy

    Hmmm I understand how you feel. You could probably exchange excess shrimp and guppies for store credit at your LFS. Or even try to take the guppy breeding even further if possible
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    How’s That Sound

    I'm only a beginner myself but plant wise I've been having fun with ludwigia,java moss, hornwort, and sword plants such as the Amazon sword and rose sword. Pretty easy to care for. Should you have an inert substrate such as sand or a gravel, I would recommend some root tabs such as flourish to...
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    Help Labored Breathing

    i came home and found my peppered Cory laying on it's side on the intake sponge, he is one of 11 corydoras in that tank and the rest are showing active and healthy behavior , I gave him a light poke and he swam to the bottom and is now upright on the bottom but is showing labored breathing. I...
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    Feeding Piggy Fish

    I absolutely love corydoras and I keep them with rainbowfish and tiger Barb's so I absolutely understand the concern with making sure they get their food. I feed my corydoras in two ways. Food for the other fish on the left side of the tank and fast sinking pellets for the Cory's on the right...
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    Betta Fish White Poop

    I would go to your LFS and see what they have to say,but at this point I would treat for parasites. You should try to get your hands on a bottle of PraziPro, treat the tank by following the directions. Don't treat the tank anymore than once every three days. 1tsp for every 20 gallons. Don't get...
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    Betta Fish White Poop

    It could be many possibilities, It could either stress, bad diet or internal parasites/internal bacterial infection. Test your water to make sure everything is in check.
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    Can’t Get Ammonia Down

    To keep it simple, I would stick with prime, Change water according to your test kit, stay below one ppm of combined ammonia and nitritr, I was recently in the same situation as you and seachem prime and stability carried me out. Good luck!
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    Help To Water Change Or Not To Water Change

    Thank you! Very helpful. Yeah I was scared to admit my mistake, I just want the absolute best for my fish
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    Help To Water Change Or Not To Water Change

    Thank you! How often would you water change?
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    Help To Water Change Or Not To Water Change

    Ph is 7.5 and that's about it, I've only tested my tap for nitrate but I've never tested it for ammonia, could be possible now that I think about it, I'll test immediately
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    Help To Water Change Or Not To Water Change

    I hate to admit it but I overcleaned. I've been laying off of the nightly changes so 20-30% every morning. So what would be a better course of action? I'd also like to point out when i do these water changes the only thing i do is gravel vac and every week i lightly clean the sponge i have on my...
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    Help To Water Change Or Not To Water Change

    So lets say i reversed my cycle some how AFTER i put fish in it. My ammonia is just a around .25 ppm - .50 ppm. I've been keeping up with water changes DAILY. a 25% - 30% water change every single morning and i'll test again at night and fear would cause me to do yet another water change. My...
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    Help Aggressive Rainbowfish

    Wouldn’t hurt to add in some larger plants, real or fake, I would honestly add some more rainbows to maybe diffuse aggression, what’s your stocking right now?
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    40 Gallon Tank Update And A Questiom

    Thank you! That’s what I was thinking
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    40 Gallon Tank Update And A Questiom

    So this is my 40 gallon as of right now. Decided to get rid of the wood because I wasn’t feeling it, keeping it simple and low tech for now. I have it stocked with 3 Cory’s and two parkinsoni rainbows. when would I be able to add some fish and how many should I get next time I make a trip to the...

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